Optimizing Your Mobile Pop-Up Store for More Sales


mobile pop up store for donuts

When food trucks became all the rage a few years ago, retailers realized there was an opportunity beyond food. What if you didn’t have to wait for the customer to come to you but could instead go directly to the customer? Hence the mobile pop-up store was born. Today you’ll find fashion trucks, flower trucks, sneaker trucks, book trucks, and more. In this post, we will give truck owners tips on finding the right pop up store fixtures, optimizing the layout with signage, selecting appropriate products, and more. 

Why open a mobile pop-up store? 

Mobile pop-up stores don’t have to be a singular retail business. They can be an extension of a brick-and-mortar store. It’s a creative way to market a business and drive sales back to your storefront. It can become a regular arm of your retail business or just be used as a pop-up, when it makes sense (for example, during the holidays or special promotions or launches).

What are the challenges of building a mobile pop-up store?

Thinking of hopping on the mobile retail trend? Here are a few things to consider. 

Vehicle expenses.

While you don’t have traditional overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, etc., there are expenses. For example, vehicle expenses such as cost, customization, gas, oil changes, maintenance, registration, insurance, etc. 


Consider your lifestyle when opting to go “on the road.” Brick-and-mortar shops have set hours; mobile pop-up stores have varying hours depending on where they are located. While those hours can include weekdays, it’s more likely to include nights and weekends. So if you have regular commitments, such as children in sports, it may not be the best option for you. 


There will be trial and error in finding the best place to park your pop-up. There are also expenses to be incurred for your chosen location, including parking permits and additional insurance. 

Limited space.

Most of your inventory will be on display. You’ll have to get creative when displaying your goods and be strategic about inventory needs and selecting the best pop up store fixtures.

What are the benefits of building a mobile pop-up store?

Challenges aside, there are a lot of reasons to turn a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce site into a mobile pop-up store.

Gain new customers.

A mobile pop-up store allows you to bring your products directly to customers. It’s a great way to test new market areas as well as promote a brick-and-mortar shop. Being mobile means you can move to where your customers are and even experiment with different locations for success (similar to an in-store pop display).

Peddle online products in person.

A mobile pop-up store brings your wares into the hands of customers. The tactile experience for shoppers will help convert them to your brand by allowing them to experience your products with their senses. A friendly face doesn’t hurt either.  

Start-up costs.

Setting up a mobile retail truck costs a fraction of the costs of opening a traditional retail space. The opportunity is great for someone just getting started in retail or a small manufacturer who wants to show off their products directly to consumers.   

3 Tips for optimizing your mobile pop-up store

Whether you already have a truck or are thinking of buying/building one, here are the tools to help you succeed: 

1. Choose the Right Pop up Store Fixtures.

A truck is not outfitted the same way a storefront is, so when deciding on fixtures, look for pop-up store fixtures that are collapsible, lightweight, built-in or secured, and space-saving. Your mobile pop-up store should be designed with your customers in mind. If you are a fashion boutique, include lighting, racks, gridwalls, slatwalls, and mirrors; if you are a sneaker truck, include storage that shows off your trendy merch, such as these sneaker display ideas.


2. Create Helpful Signage.

Sure, food trucks have food menus, but other businesses can borrow the idea to create service menusprice lists, and signage tailored to their products or inventory. Outside the truck, a retractable banner or flag can welcome guests, display your brand, or promote products and promotions. Inside the truck, shelf talkers or acrylic sign holders can provide product descriptions and pricing.


3. Utilize the Space Appropriately.

With such a small footprint, you have to maximize every inch of space. Depending on the truck, customers may step inside or order from a concession window.

Pop-up Store Display Ideas

Here are a few ideas to outfit your truck or trailer using shopPOPdisplays products: 

  • In a flower truck, our 6 Vase Floral Display Stand has a slot for a signage, such as pricing, description, etc.
  • Set up a collapsible display pedestal to showcase a must-have handbag in a fashion truck. 
  • Display sneakers or other accessories in acrylic display cubes for a neat and visible presentation.
  • Attach a gridwall to display fashion accessories in a boutique or artwork in a home décor or craft truck. The versatile fixture can hang items on hooks or in bins.
  • A custom retractable banner placed outside your truck can welcome customers to your mobile pop-up store.
  • A tablet holder can hold your tablet to make purchases easy for you and your customers.  

One last tip: Don’t forget about social media. The aesthetics of your pop-up shop lend itself to being shared. Announce events and where you’ll be and share snapshots of your merchandise, employees, customers, and awesome interiors thanks to some great pop-up store fixtures.  

 Find the best pop up store fixtures with ShopPOPdisplays

Whether you’re a vintage retail truck, a mobile pop up flower store, a cafe on the go, or whatever your pop up store may be, ShopPOPdisplays has the pop up store fixtures available to help you display your inventory to make it easier for shoppers to browse the products and make purchases. Shop online today, or contact us with any questions or customization requests.