5 Tips for Displaying Your LEGO Sets at Home

For nearly 100 years, LEGO® has been helping aspiring artists and builders stretch their imaginations through their assortment of ready-to-build sets, minifigures, and more—becoming a worldwide phenomenon for both children and adults. In fact, they’re more popular than ever, with the company’s revenue growing 17 percent last year.


And after you’ve spent hours putting together your LEGO® set, you’ll want the perfect way to proudly display it in your home. Fortunately, shopPOPdisplays launched a selection of display cases for LEGO®. From cases for large sets and minifigures to sturdy and stylish stands, we have options that can showcase all of your LEGO® creations.

Looking for some ideas on displaying your LEGO® sets in your home? Here are five tips to get you started.
Wall Mounted Display Case for LEGO Minifigures - 24 Minifigs Wide

Select the best spot: You’ll want your displays for LEGO® to be placed in the best location in your home for optimal viewing. After all, you want to show off your sets to friends and family who come by to visit! Pick a space where people will be able to get a 360-degree view of the creation so they can see every detail. But be sure the set is not placed in a high-traffic area—you don’t want to risk getting knocked over.

Choose the right display option:  In addition to shopPOPdisplays cases and stands specifically created for LEGO®, there are other options you can use. Place minifigures in a shadow box or on our Three Step Stair Display. Large open shelves and bookcases are great for larger sets, or if you really want to add that wow factor to a prized LEGO® set, place it on one of our acrylic display pedestals. Opt for clear or bring in some complementary colors.

Use the right lighting:  Place a spotlight on your LEGO® sets with some well-placed lighting. While you can purchase lighting specifically made for your set, you can also DIY it with LED light strips or buy LEGO® displays that already features integrated lighting, such as shopPOPdisplays Acrylic Backlit Stair Step Riser, White Acrylic Pedestal with White LED Lights, and the 4′ Wide Wooden Lighted Full View Display Case.

Make it fun and accessible: Remember, the whole point of your LEGO® displays is to show them off. While you want to keep them safe, you want them to still be accessible so visitors can enjoy every detail. Much like a toy store display, you can group your sets by character or theme, and position each set so that they are at varying heights. This adds some dimension to the display.

Keep it clean:  Of course, you want to make sure your LEGO® displays stay dust– and fingerprint-free. Our display cases for LEGO® come with complementary cloth gloves and Novus cleaning wipes so you can enjoy your sets for years to come. Be sure to keep all of your LEGO® displays within reach so they are easy to clean on a weekly basis.