Using Wooden Displays to Give Your Store that “Natural” Aesthetic

One of the biggest decisions when designing your store is choosing its overall aesthetic. And if you’ve chosen to have a more natural vibe throughout the space, then wooden displays are perfect for you. And fortunately, shopPOPdisplays has an assortment of wooden display options that can fit any of your retail needs.

The Benefits of Using Wood Displays

There are plenty of advantages to using wooden displays in your retail location, including:

Simple designs: Wooden displays offer a simple—but still beautiful—design that can allow your merchandise to stand out. In fact, you can easily create your displays around the products’ design, color, signage, and more.

Customizable: It’s also easy for retailers to customize wooden displays to fit their needs, whether it be a particular shape, size, or color. And don’t be fooled into thinking wooden displays are always old-fashioned. You can modernize your retail store by choosing the right wood furniture for your location.

Eco-friendly: Wooden displays, particularly those made with reclaimed wood, are environmentally friendly. The material is also biodegradable.

Long-lasting: Wooden displays are durable, so they withstand wear and tear. This means the investment you make in your wooden displays will pay off for years to come.

Affordable: Wooden displays are often less costly than other types of display materials.

Healthier: Choosing displays made of natural wood creates a healthier environment for both employees and customers by improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Tips for Using Wood Displays

When it comes to utilizing wooden displays in your store, the only limit is your imagination. Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Mix and match: Pair up different wooden displays to create a unique look in your retail location. For example, set up wooden barrels in different sizes and textures, or stack wooden crates in complementary colors.

Select the right tone:  If you’re going for a comfier vibe, opt for warm-toned wooden displays, such as cherry, mahogany, oak, and hickory. And just like you can mix and match sizes and colors, you can also mix up your wood tones to give your location an interesting look.

Coordinate with other materials: You don’t need to stick with wood for every aspect of your retail displays. You can also add in some other materials—metal and acrylic—to break up the monotony.

Bring in some nature: Adding in some greenery can bring in a hint of the outdoors—perfect for the natural aesthetic you’re going for. A few strategically placed plants will do the trick.

Examples of Wood Displays in Retail Stores

Crates: shopPOPdisplays has a selection of wood crates. Our Six Wood Crate Display can hold up to six separate items and comes in three colors, as does the Three Tier Wood Crate Display, which also has casters so it can easily be moved around the store when needed.

Baskets:  Wood baskets can be placed on the floor for easy displays, but we also have options for bulk merchandising, such as the Nine Basket Display.

Carts: You can really create a show-stopping display with our carts. The Wooden Flower Display Cart is finished in green or black and has wheelbarrow-style wheels, and the Wood Display Cart with Angled Open Roof boats four rows of shelving, a roof, and wheels.

Shelves: Shelving is perfect for showing off various items while also saving space. The Four Shelf Wooden Open Display Case and the more compact Three Shelf Wooden Open Display Case are both durable and you can choose a finish that best complements your space.

About the Woodland Park Collection

If you’re looking to create wooden displays for your storefront—or simply add in a few pieces here and there—your best option could be DIY wood furniture flat pack Woodland Park Collection by shopPOPdisplays. These individual ready-to-assemble and resource-efficient collapsible furniture pieces are space-saving, eco-friendly, and easy to assemble (no tools required!). Even better: The collection complements any type of décor!