Wood, Acrylic, or Metal: Which Display Stand Do You Need?

It’s no secret that the layout of your retail location plays a crucial role in its success. Keeping merchandise organized and easy to find will help make customers spend money and return for future shopping trips. To do that you’ll need a selection of display stands.

The many varieties and uses of display stands

There’s no shortage of display stand options that can showcase merchandise in various settings, including:

Floor-standing display units often boast shapes, bright graphics, and colors that help put a spotlight on the products situated on them.

Isle units can be accessed in all directions and are perfect for any open space area.

Display cases are free-standing displays that are closed on all sides. It can be placed on anything from a shelf to a countertop.

Glorifiers give retailers a unique way to showcase a single product and come with its own home shelf.

Countertop displays can be situated on a counter or table and typically showcases smaller items.

Store windows are designed to catch the attention of people walking by so that they come in to shop at the location.

Gondola units are one- to four-sided, free-standing shelving units with repositionable shelves. They can be set up in larger open areas of a store.

Informational pop displays include all signage to keep customers informed about product features, benefits, and more.

Digital pop displays also include info through the use of technology.

Shop-in-shop displays need a large area of space because they showcase a large assortment of products.

Shelving can be utilized as floor-standing displays or hung on walls to maximize your location’s space. They can be positioned in different ways to create visually appealing displays that keep inventory organized.

Endcap units are usually paired with shelving units and offer a sturdy space for heavier merchandise.

Checkout displays are located near cash registers to encourage impulse buys. They are typically used for smaller items.

On-shelf display units organize inventory and maximize space on shelving units.

Shelf stoppers are the signage material you see sticking out perpendicularly to aisle shelves.

Sidekick display units (aka power wings)  give the chance to get a product on shelves beyond primary placement (dual location) or to add extra facings. They also work well for cross-promotional items.

Shelf enhancements are used to give shelves and racks a boost through signage, lights, graphics, and more.

Metal display stands


    • Strong and durable, with the ability to hold heavy items
    • Can be outfitted with different accessories, including brackets, back panels, shelves, and more
    • Easy to clean and maintain, as well as recycling
    • Available in a variety of colors


    • Heavy, so they are not easy to move around a retail location
    • Can be expensive to repair
    • Might look plain compared to other display options

Use Cases: 

Metal display stands are extremely sturdy, making them perfect for fragile items, including home décor, perfume bottles, liquor bottles, artwork, and more. Metal display stands can also handle heavier merchandise, like sporting goods and tools, with ease.

Wooden display stands


    • Unique texture and fragrance
    • Can be customized to fit any theme
    • No sharp corners and safe to use
    • Easy to recycle


    • Higher in price
    • Can be damaged by water and if exposed to too much sunlight
    • Easily scratched by sharp objects

Use Cases:

Wood display cases are perfect for upscale items such as jewelry, collectibles, trophies, and more.

Acrylic display stands


    • Completely clear, unlike glass which has a green tint
    • Stronger than glass
    • Easier to shape and mold
    • Available in different colors if desired


    • Low heat resistance
    • Low scratch resistance
    • Can be pricey

Use Cases:

Acrylic display cases can showcase any prized possessions or merchandise you want to spotlight as they can give a 360-degree view of everything from sport memorabilia and collectibles to artwork and more.