How to Create a Home Office Layout to Maximize Space & Productivity

In the past year, there’s a good chance your home office has seen more activity than usual. With more than 5% of the workforce working from home full-time and 23.7% working from home at least some of the time, today’s telecommuters are more curious than ever about how to get the most out of their home office layout. If you’re looking for ways to maximize space and productivity, keep these simple layout, aesthetic and organization tips in mind.

Tackle the big stuff first

Obviously, your desk is the most important piece of equipment in your home office layout. If you’re re-vamping your layout, ask yourself a few questions before you move it.


  • Do you prefer to face the door at all times?
  • Are you comfortable with your back to the door?
  • Do you need natural daylight and prefer to be near a window?
  • Consider size and shape for the room, a corner desk may limit you to the periphery.
  • Do clients come to see you? Is the space set up to accommodate them?


Once you set your desk, think about other larger pieces like bookshelves, credenzas or cabinets in your home office layout. Think of the items you put on or inside them. Split their use up two ways. They should either house display items or those things you use regularly, or at least once a week. For things you may only touch a couple times a year, consider storing them outside of the office, if possible.


Start with the shelves for displaying items. Placing these next, after the desk, can help you to set up the room in a way that inspires you. Mementos, trophies and keepsakes in your line of sight could inspire. And keep cabinets or shelves with items you frequently use near your desk.


Consider a sit-stand desk and ergonomic chair

If you’re working at home full-time, you know the importance of getting up from time to time to stretch your legs. Sit-stand desks have been all the rage for the past few years. You can get one that adjusts manually or electronically to allow you to stay productive all day long. And an ergonomic chair can help reduce fatigue with good spine support.


Arrange your desk for you

To maximize productivity a clean desk is essential. Think of what you absolutely need and make sure you avoid clutter. At the same time, make the space uniquely your own. Do you type and need an acrylic stand to hold up documents? Do you like a monitor set higher on a riser with storage capabilities underneath it? Do you like that unique display case on your desk to remind you of that past championship? Go ahead, make your space entirely your own. As long as you know where everything is and the space speaks to your personality, that’s what’s important.

Macbook Pro on White Wooden Table

Think through technology situations

We all know that technology is a big part of any home office. While many items are tied to our wireless internet connections, your office can still be a cord tripping hazard zone. Utilize cord storage features commonly found under desks and make sure you arrange your furniture with safety in mind.


And if your office has a television or more than one monitor for video conferencing or other work situations, you’ll need to think about where to place them so that they’re easy to view, but the cords, modems or relays needed for them to work are behind the scenes but accessible, if needed. And if you have remotes, headphones and other smaller technology items, consider a small storage box to house them in one place.


Choose the right colors

Depending on the work you do in your office, you’ll want to make sure wall colors don’t distract. They should engage, even enlighten when you first enter, but you don’t want them to be too vivid or sharp so that it’s hard to focus. Understanding a little color psychology helps.


If you want a vibrant office space and love bright colors, consider red in small pops, like this display box with a red base, or hot-colored plastic storage boxes on your desk. Avoid an entire accent wall. Red distracts in large doses.

Custom Size Acrylic Display Box with Fluorescent Red Base

Green can be calming and blue can exude cool confidence. But you’ll want to opt for lighter hues for both of them. Darker ones can distract and make you feel glum. Yellow is great for stimulating the mind and doing mental work. It weaves nicely into certain neutrals. And like red, too much of a bright hue can overstimulate and throw off your mental focus.


Create a unique wall

Your walls don’t have to be an empty void. Let them shine with accomplishments, inspirational statements, photos and art. In today’s Zoom conference world, pay attention to what people see behind you. It doesn’t have to be a blank wall. It can be a wall that says something about you and sparks conversation with others. Display art or mementos proudly on shelves or in frames.


Folding A-Frame Shelves


Consider workspaces outside the home office

Last but not least, if you are working in your home office frequently or full-time, it’s good to keep an open mind about where else you can work inside the home, especially if children or a significant other are at home, too.


If you have a laptop, move around the home from time to time. Some people will work on the living room couch or in kitchen nooks for a change of scenery. And, if you need help with your office layout, shopPOPdisplays can assist you. We have decades of experience helping people and businesses create spaces that work for them. Let us help you do the same!