12 Plush Display Ideas to Organize Your Collection

Plush toys displayed in a retail setting

What is it about a comforting hug from a Teddy bear? French researchers found that the emotional bond one shares with their own teddy bear elicits a strong perception of comfort. For their study, they looked at participants’ experience with their own Teddy bears vs strange bears’ physical and sensory characteristics to determine if they make a bear more comforting. Unsurprisingly, participants preferred their own bears over a “stranger bear.” The results of their 2022 study were independent of participants’ age, meaning plushies can provide comfort at all stages of life.  

That explains the connection we feel with our plush toys—even as adults. But what about what to do with our collections of stuffed toys? We can help. Keep reading for creative plush display ideas to keep them organized and keep the nostalgic feelings flowing. 

Why Would You Display Plushies?

Stuffed animals, stuffies, plush toys, plushies. Whatever you call them, they seem to multiply. The truth is, it’s actually easier to display these items than store them. Displaying plushies helps to reduce clutter and protect them long-term. There are myriad ways to display plushies—from boxes and bins and bags to shelves and other vertical space-saving solutions. And with adults and teenagers holding onto their treasured stuffed animals for sentimental value, it makes sense to consider a variety of plush display ideas. 

7 Plush Display Ideas

 1. Elevate Your Collection. 

Make sure every last one of your plushies is on display by using acrylic risers. Items placed on that second (or third row) are elevated for better visibility. This works particularly well with a grouping of smaller stuffies. 

2. Create a Toy Box from a Crate.

For larger plush toys, and for ones that are frequently played with, consider a wooden crate. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. It’s perfect for shared spaces in your home, like the family room, as well as a child’s play area. It’s easy to quickly pick up and dump the plush toys in the crate when it’s naptime or bedtime or when company is on its way. You can even add casters to easily roll out of the way when necessary.

 3. Showcase Your Stuffies.

Whether it’s a Squishmallow or a Steiff, collectors want to keep their investments safe while on display. Showcase and protect rare plushie collectibles in an acrylic display box or case, such as an acrylic display box 6″H x 9″W x 9″L with white base or an Acrylic Display Box With Black Base for American Girl Doll (which will comfortably fit a cuddly bear as well). 

 4. Line ‘em Up.

Use built-ins and bookshelves to get stuffed animals off of the floor. Line them up on shelves using risers if necessary. You can also use cubby display boxes to store an assortment of plush. If your child is older but she doesn’t want to part with her plushies yet, install a high shelf around the perimeter of her room to display her fave childhood friends. 

5. Utilize Baskets and Bins in a Fresh Way.

 If baskets and bins on the floor take up too much space, mount them on the wall as pockets for plushies. They’ll do double duty as wall décor.  

6. Craft a Cute Curio.

Keep a collection safe from dust, UV rays, pets, and even from taking a tumble off of a shelf by using a display cabinet. Lighted cabinets, such as our  4′ Wide Wooden Lighted Floor Standing Display Case with Sliding Doors and Mirrored Back or Hex Shaped Showcase Tower With Lighting and Shelves, are also a smart option. You can arrange your collection by height, type, and color, and even intersperse other toys and books to flesh out the collection. 

Wall-mounted Display 

An Exhibit Case or Wall Mounted Display Case can keep a treasured childhood friend safe from dust and other dangers. Consider placing other memorabilia inside to create a memory box. 

How to Organize Your Plush Toy Collection with ShopPOPdisplays

Organizing your plushies not only keeps them neat, but it keeps them safe and clean. 

Take a cue from toy retailers to curb clutter from plush toys. Below are five more plush toy display ideas using a selection of products from ShopPOPdisplays. 

  • Slatwalls – Use for organizing small, collectible plushies vertically. Use hooks, shelves, bins and trays on a slatwall to hold a variety of sizes within a collection. Display on a bedroom or playroom wall, in a walk-in closet, or even in a hallway.

  • Floor standing dump bins – Stuffed animals in a Floor Standing Dump Bin are easy for kids to access (and put away). There’s no organization involved other than giving the toys a home.

  • Floor standing basket displays –  Perfect for a playroom or family room, a Three Tier Wood Crate Display With Casters provides storage with rustic décor. Our Black Knockdown Stacking Baskets are great for smaller plushies. The wire baskets stack on top of each other and keep the contents visible.

  • Five Shelf Rolling Display – Organize, display, and when it’s time to play, just roll out this Five Shelf Rolling Display. Each shelf offers flexibility in arranging the stuffies, and the casters offer flexibility in moving the plush display to where you want it.

  • Wooden Display Cart – Add charm to a child’s room or play area with a farm-inspired Wooden Rolling Display Cart. It has plenty of room to hold all of your child’s plush pals and can be repurposed when (or, if) your child outgrows his or her stuffies. 

No matter what types of plush toys you’re working with, ShopPOPdisplays has custom solutions to help you create the best plush toy displays so that you can admire your loved collection and keep things in order. Browse our collection online for plush toy display ideas and contact us today with any questions.