How to Clean Acrylic Picture Frames

Clean acrylic picture frames hanging on a wall

Whether you are hanging art in a retail environment or creating a gallery wall at home, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing frames. However, beyond the aesthetics of your that choice, there is a practical choice to make—whether to use glass or acrylic covers for your art. It’s no surprise that we favor acrylic picture frames at ShopPOPdisplays, but there are some good reasons you should favor it for your projects, too. Below, in addition to discussing how to choose one of our frames, we’ll talk about a few benefits of acrylic and then discuss in more detail one benefit in particular: how to clean acrylic picture frames. 

Benefits of Acrylic Picture Frames


Unlike glass frames, acrylic won’t shatter if accidentally dropped. As a plastic, acrylic is flexible so it’s less likely to break and shatter if dropped or damaged. 

Insulating Qualities

Acrylic is three to eight times more thermally insulating than regular glass. While that’s an obvious advantage for windows, the benefit for picture frames is that the artwork will be protected from fluctuations in temperature. 

Superior Clarity

Both glass and acrylic offer clarity, but acrylic has the advantage when it comes to glare. The highly reflective surface of glass is more prone to glare. 


Acrylic weighs 50% less than glass of a similar thickness. That’s particulary helpful when hanging a large picture frame.


Acrylic can be manufactured to be 98% UV resistant. This helps to protect and preserve artwork from fading if displayed in bright lights or near direct sunlight.

Easy to clean

The beauty of acrylic is that it’s easy to take care of. All it usually takes is a damp cloth on a regular basis. And when a deeper clean is in order, there are acrylic cleaners that can gently clean and even remove some scratches from the material. 

How to Clean Acrylic Picture Frames

While acrylic is shatter-resistant, it can get scratched. So, skip the glass cleaner and reach for mild soapy water instead. The chemicals and scouring compounds in glass cleaner can scratch acrylic’s surface. Vinegar is also not an option as its acidity can damage acrylic. Also not recommended? Paper towels. The fibers in paper toweling can be too abrasive for acrylic. Instead, use a lint-free or micro-fiber cloth. 

3 Steps to Clean Acrylic Picture Frames

Be sure to start with a clean cloth. Dirt from a prior cleaning can become lodged in the cloth and scratch the acrylic. 

Dampen the cloth with water and a small amount of a mild dish detergent. Wipe the acrylic using light pressure. If you used too much soap (the surface will look dull), you can use a dampened cloth to “rinse” any residue.

Blot dry using a clean, dry cloth or chamois.  

If you want to (or need to) use something stronger than a mild soap, you can use a cleaner that’s specifically made for acrylic, such as Novus No. 1 Plastic Clean & Shine. It gently cleans, polishes, and protects acrylic. Other formulation of Novus can help repair scratches on acrylic. The Novus Acrylic Care Pack comes with three formulations. No. 1 Clean & Shine, No 2. Fine Scratch Remover, and No. 3 Heavy Scratch remover. 

For optimal visibility and product longevity, clean regularly. That means different things depending on the environment in which your acrylic frames are displayed. A general guideline would be to wipe down the frames weekly while doing your routine dusting. 

Choose An Acrylic Picture Frame From ShopPOPdisplays

A wide selection of acrylic picture frames are available at shopPOPdisplays, including custom acrylic frames made to your specifications. So, how do you choose a frame that’s right for you? Here are just some of the styles to consider along with suggestions for their ideal uses: 

Floating frame or Solid Acrylic Picture Block. Ideal for adding depth to an image and making it appear as if it’s suspended within the acrylic. 

Photo Booth Picture Frame. Ideal for displaying those fun moments captured at a family celebration or a work function. 

Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frame. Ideal for refrigerators, filing cabinets, or any metal surfaces in a home, retail, or industry setting. 

Wall Mounted Picture Frames and Shadow Boxes. Ideal for posters or matted artwork, the acrylic frames disappear into the background to let the art be the center of attention.  

Wall Mount Art Canvas Cover Shadow Box. This frame boasts 98% UV filtering acrylic to safeguard your art when it’s displayed in brighter light.  

Poster Frames. Ideal for cinema lobbies, event centers, retail, home theaters, and even teenage bedrooms. 

You’ll find those acrylic picture frames and more on shopPOPdisplays. And if you don’t find something to fit your unique display needs we are happy to create a custom acrylic picture frame display designed to your specifications.