Tips for Designing Dispensary Displays with CX in Mind

As marijuana becomes legal in states around the United States, new cannabis dispensaries are opening almost weekly. In fact, cannabis is the fastest-growing industry in the country, with the industry projected to add around $155 billion to the American economy by 2026. In addition, retail cannabis sales in the U.S. are on pace to reach more than $52 billion by the end of 2026.






For those that own cannabis dispensaries—or are considering opening one—there will be plenty of competition in the area. With that in mind, creating a positive customer experience is a crucial part of making sure clients continue to return to your location, as well as recommend your business to their friends and family. This is especially true for people who might be new to these types of products and could feel intimidated during their first few visits to the dispensary.

One aspect of creating a positive customer experience is dispensary displays that are accessible and easy to navigate. This will not only enable customers to find what they are looking for but also help dispensary owners effectively educate and inform clients about products, incentives, and safety.


Accessible Dispensary Displays

Lay Out Your Location

Think about the layout of your dispensary before you start putting together your dispensary displays. One way to ensure that your location is easy to navigate is segmenting products by the three main cannabis consumer types: seniors, health and fitness enthusiasts, and cannabis newcomers.


Keep Everything Organized

Every retail space should be kept neat and tidy so that products are easy to find, but this is especially important when you have so many different types of merchandise in the store. Dispensaries often offer other cannabis-related products for sale, including CBD oil and tinctures, edibles, vaping, and more. Display glass bowls, chillums, and pipes with our 25 Unit Glass Bowl Joint Tube Chillum Taster Holder Display, while joint tubes can be organized with the Unit Joint Tube Holder Display and nitrogen sealed tin cans take center stage with the Nitro Seal Tin Can Angled Display With Sign Holder.


Utilize Acrylic

In many states, it’s illegal for shoppers to handle cannabis merchandise, so it’s important to entice customers visually. This is where clear acrylic dispensary displays come in handy. ShopPOPdisplays has a variety of acrylic display options to showcase your products, as well as make it easy for employees to handle merchandise for customers. For example, our led cannabis display with black pod insert comes with 12 Cannabis Display Pods, which have airholes so customers can smell the product before buying.


Lock It Up

You can keep products accessible and easy to find—but still safe under lock and key—with shopPOPdisplays’ assortment of locking wall-mounted and countertop displays.




Creating a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere


Choose Colors

The hues you select for your dispensary can impact your customers’ moods as they shop your location. According to The Psychology of Design: The Color Green, “Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security.” Therefore, it only makes sense to include green when decorating your dispensary.


Add Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting in your customers’ overall experience. Not only should your lighting make your dispensary a comfortable place to be (too bright can be overwhelming for the customer, while a dimly lit store can make products harder to find), but it can also be used to call attention to certain products or areas of the store, such as high-value areas.


Place Signage

Educate and inform customers using effective signage throughout the dispensary. Retailers can include clear labeling and information on dosing and usage with the 4″ h x 6″w shelf talker acrylic sign holder. Poster signs can also help with the flow of the store, directing customers to the correct area of the store depending on what they’re looking for.


Create Private Space

Customers might want some privacy so they can ask members of the staff questions about different products and their uses. Plexiglass sheets and clear acrylic barriers can create a separate consultation area.


Educate Your Customers

Inform your customers about the benefits of the products, as well as the different types of items you have in the store, through signage. The 22 x 28 slide-in poster frame can list merchandise and prices, while smaller frames – such as the 8.5″ x 11″ top loading plastic sign holder – can feature specific products. Customers might also want to take info home with them, so keep brochures and pamphlets handy in this mahogany 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder.


All these ideas can help set your dispensary apart from the competition. Ready to get started? Browse our selection of dispensary displays and contact our customer service team with any questions.