Dispensary Display Trends: What to Know in 2022

As additional states around the country legalize marijuana – New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota, and Montana – more and more medical and recreational use dispensaries are popping up. Business owners are looking for ways to stand out from their competition and dispensary displays are a cost-effective hot commodity and topic! Cannabis dispensary displays have become the vehicle to not only house marijuana merchandise but can also be a customized branding tool unique to the company’s aesthetic and marketing messaging.


Here are dispensary display trends disrupting the cannabis industry. It all starts with the basics: retail space, dispensary layout, cannabis inventory, complementary accessories, and budget. Decorating a unique space with a signature aesthetic can be as easy as mixing-and-matching the marijuana displays and ideas we’ll discuss in this post.


Store front of cannabis shop


Keep It Simple (The Clean Look Is In)


Whether your dispensary is for medical or recreational use, a clean design aesthetic is always a good choice. This never-fail approach to decorating conveys a crisp, hygienic feel and a neutral palette like clear, white, and black cannabis display cases support this look.


Store lighting plays heavily in dispensary décor, too. Consider pod holder placement. Place a multi-shelf locking cannabis cabinet under bright lights so customers can see and smell, if appropriate, the merchandise. Alternatively, if lighting is an issue, use a lighted display riser to showcase your pod assortment. Tip: A pop of color via custom color pod picks placed inside a clear cannabis display pod holder on the lighted display riser grabs attention and can be easily switched out depending on the product promotion. Valentine’s day, anyone? Now, that customization is year-round branding bang for your buck!


Three cannabis display pod spikes in orange, pink and green.


Make it Marketable


Marijuana displays come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. Organize your cannabis, CBD, vape and other merchandise like nitro tins to keep clutter at bay, but make it work for your brand as well. Double-duty dispensary displays like tube holders provide the functionality of neatly presenting products with the bonus of brand recognition through a customization option. If decorating your dispensary business and building your brand on a budget – and who isn’t – customizing key pieces like locking displays and cabinets, may be the solution. Placing products in and on customized cannabis dispensary displays with your logo, brand, and/or company color scheme brings instant recognition as well as consumer confidence that your dispensary is not a fly-by-night company. Strategic customization might be the savvy investment option in the long run.


Acrylic Locking Wall Mount Display Case w 5 Adjustable Shelve


Protecting Your Employees (Don’t Forget Security – Both Health and Otherwise)


Security means different things to different people. Physical, financial – you name it – people want to feel safe and protection of others, oneself, and properties is at the forefront. Like all business owners, cannabis dispensary shop entrepreneurs invest time, money, and sweat equity to get their marijuana business up and running. By the year 2025, the cannabis industry is estimated to reach $30 billion dollars. Ensuring the safety and security of staff and inventory investment is a top priority. Cameras, security personnel, alarm systems are all factors, but so is the health of your staff, especially during this time. Plexiglass sheets, clear acrylic barriers and sneezeguards are another layer of protection being implemented in dispensaries across the country. In compact or limited retail space these protective panels ensure social distancing and help ease customer anxiety.



The cost of cannabis dispensary shop inventory is significant, protecting it doesn’t have to be. Many states require cannabis, CBD, and vape merchandise like vape juice and e-liquids that contain nicotine to be stored in locking display cases and locking cabinets, behind counters, and more depending on the state. Sidestep specific regulations and instead opt for securing all marijuana and high-ticket items in both countertop and locking wall mount displays as well as wall pedestals, lighted pedestals (with acrylic cover or without) with the lock option. These cannabis display cases promote waist- and eye-level optimization without taking up valuable retail space.



Color Me Green This Year and Next


In 2022 clean is in, but so is green. Cannabis pods, sustainability activism, profits, and the actual color. In The Psychology of Design: The Color Green, Christi Wharton says, “Green evokes a feeling of abundance and is associated with refreshment and peace, rest and security.” Therefore, it only makes sense to include green when decorating your dispensary. Add planters with greenery to odd corners, break up a white space with a splash of green to bring attention to products. Custom green acrylic display risers with your company name, brand, or logo elevates merchandise or use a LED cannabis display and a showcase is born!


LED Cannabis Pod Holder with Lime Green Acrylic


A well-designed cannabis dispensary shop doesn’t need tricks to succeed. Quality merchandise, great customer service, as well as classic in-stock and custom dispensary displays never go out of style. The trends we covered will support cannabis dispensaries now and in the future. shopPOPdisplays is a marijuana display specialist, contact us with any question or customization needs.