5 Ways LED Lighting Elevates Any Space

Monochromatic or multicolor, people are attracted to upscale lighted spaces; this is especially true of clients and customers. So, whether you are trying to elevate the look of a retail store, office building, gallery, or home space, cost-effective light-emitting diodes or LED lighting can quickly transform a drab, poorly lit environment into a bright, sleek oasis. From illuminating a room with string lights to enhancing prized possessions and merchandise by using LED risers and LED pedestal display cases, LED lighting can reshape any environment and help redirect focus to products, artwork, clients and guests all without the high cost and heat of comparative lighting. Below we will explore five unique ways LED lighting can revamp your space and the array of LED fixtures available best suited to your lighting needs.








Utilizing LED String Lighting to Offer Extended Illumination


Simply put, LED string lights are elegant and offer beautiful illumination to any environment. If you are looking to add warmth to your living room mantle or are trying to create an intimate feeling in a clothing boutique, LED string lighting offers extended radiance that can be quite welcoming to guests. String lights are manufactured using energy-efficient LED lights, which helps keep electric costs low and energy use more efficient. The sweet and inviting look of string lights is attractive in any space and helps enhance surrounding objects. Keep them charged and lit with medium capacity or high capacity rechargeable battery packs for LED displays to discreetly hide the cord.




Casual or formal fixed LED string lights signal the decor vibe.


Promote Products or Novelties on LED Risers

Implementing risers is an effective way to offer varying height and attention to products, artwork, or household novelties. Using LED risers offers subtle dramatic sheen to any item placed above or below. This use of clever lighting will subconsciously redirect your guests’ or consumers’ gaze to the items displayed all while adding warmth around the objects being highlighted.

LED Cannabis Display with Fluorescent Green Insert



Showcasing Signage or Artwork in LED Light Box Frames

Enhance artwork, posters, signage, and other marketing materials with LED light box frames. LED light box frames provide unique contrast and captures the attention of guests, visitors, and consumers directing their focus to the subject—photo, artwork, or marketing material on hand—creating simple yet sophisticated lighting in the environment.


16 x 20 Snap Frame LED Light Box


Create a Captivating Focal Point with an LED Pedestal Stand 

Providing a cool and contemporary look to any space, LED pedestal stands can elevate even the simplest of objects. Illuminating eye-catching light, LED pedestal stands come with a built-in dimmable LED lighting option that will accentuate any object and be easily adjusted with a single knob. Available in a variety of heights, footprints, and colors, LED pedestals can add panache to any collectible or high-ticket item. Ideal in any retail space, museum, corporate setting, gallery, or residential space.



Gloss White Laminate Lighted Pedestal Display Case with Acrylic Cover




Enhancing Valuable Merchandise or Collectibles with a LED Pedestal Display Case 



Square Showcase Display Tower with Lighting and Shelves



Are you in hot pursuit of clever ways to draw attention to retail merchandise or the keepsakes and collectibles in your home? Looking to do this with simplicity all while safeguarding your valued treasures? Well then LED pedestal display cases may be exactly what you need to showcase both extensive or valued items. LED pedestal display cases made with energy-efficient LED light bulbs and are available in a variety of colors to ensure versatility and complement all décor. They offer an upscale feel to any space and are ideal for showcasing jewelry, collectibles, electronics, accessories, ceramics, pottery, trophies, model cars, model ships, and more. Durable and made with high-quality care, LED pedestal display cases illuminate every space and can be trusted to be placed in high-traffic environments.



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