5 Ways LED Lighting Elevates Any Space

Monochromatic or multicolor, people are attracted to upscale lighted spaces; this is especially true of clients and customers. So, whether you are trying to elevate the look of a retail store, office building, gallery, or home space, cost-effective light-emitting diodes or LED lighting can quickly transform a drab, poorly lit environment into a bright, sleek oasis. From illuminating a room with string lights to enhancing prized possessions and merchandise by using LED risers and LED pedestal display cases, LED lighting can reshape any environment and help redirect focus to products, artwork, clients and guests all without the high cost and heat of comparative lighting. Below we will explore five unique ways LED lighting can revamp your space and the array of LED fixtures available best suited to your lighting needs.




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6 Visual Merchandising Tips Using Lighted Pedestals

Looking to elevate your store’s visual merchandising this holiday season ? How about all year long? From home decor stores to thrift shops, cafes and jewelry stores—lighted pedestal displays are an excellent way to highlight holiday and year-round sales. Below we have six ingenious and easy merchandising tactics for you to use to entice your consumers during peak sales times throughout the year. Learn how to effectively elevate your shop’s look and ultimately increase your store’s ROI with flawless lighted pedestal display planning.


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