7 Ways to Display Crystals in Your Home

Crystals have always been associated with the mystical or supernatural; some even believe they have healing powers. With all the wonder associated with them, when you are given a crystal or purchase pieces for yourself, you may think they need to be displayed in a special way.


Maybe your calming amethysts would look great in a small bowl? Or that large aragonite sputnik cluster’s deep brown commands its own alter space? Or some calming blue quartz would be the perfect contrast piece to your coffee table if held in a tall, thin vase?


How you display crystal is truly is a matter of personal preference. There’s no “wrong” way to do it. A lot depends on the overall look and feel you strive for in your home as well as the size and color of your stones. Here are seven display ideas to help you out.

Pedestals for Large Pieces

If you have a large piece of crystal, let’s say six inches in diameter or larger, consider placing it on a pedestal and let it command some attention. Of course, you want to be sure you have the space in your home to do it. This black laminate pedestal, for example, can help a clear, light-colored, or even a deep vibrant purple or pink-colored crystal stand out. If the crystal is rare or valuable, or you simply want to keep it protected, opt for a pedestal with an enclosed cover on top.



Hang Them Up

Small crystal prisms can be found on necklaces and other jewelry. But they can also be seen hanging in homes. Some people hang them near windows to enjoy how they throw light rainbows into the room. You only need some inexpensive fishing line to hang crystal prisms.


There is one tricky part to this, however. Most prisms already have holes drilled into them, but you can also learn how to drill through a gemstone yourself, if needed. If you believe in the healing, calming or energy-shifting power of certain crystals, hanging them is the way to go.


wedding, hanging crystals, display idea


Display Boxes

This approach applies to larger crystals. The displays associated with sports memorabilia—balls, cards and the like—can be used to highlight a large light-colored crystal as well. Take a look at this display box with a hardwood base and this display box with a mirrored base.


Try the display box on shelves with other items of varying size. You’ll want to make sure the shelves are large enough to accommodate the box so that the crystal display doesn’t look too bulky. You can put it in the center and have smaller stones or plants on either side of it to taper the overall visual from large in the middle to small items at the ends of the shelf.



Standing Displays

If you have a collection of crystals in a variety of sizes, show them off in a lighted floor standing display case with a mirrored back. Crystals look great with a mirror behind or underneath them to give a 360-view of the stone without having to walk around the display.


standing display, glass paneling, shelving



If you have a bag or handful of small crystals, store them in a bowl to show off their color. You want the bowl to be a color that allows the crystal’s color to shine. The bronze of the bowl in this photo is a good contrast to the white crystals next to it, but a more brilliant turquoise or purple stone color could work too.


singing bowl with crystals display


With Everyday Items

Crystals contrast beautifully with a number of everyday items. People will put light colored ones on top of a stack of books or, as in the photo, on top of a deck of cards.


Look around for everyday items that can work as bases for your smaller crystals, especially if your home aesthetic is casual or rustic. Sometimes simply placing the stone on a coaster, on top of a jewelry box or inside a glass jar with a lid will do the trick!


rose quartz crystal with cards


With Natural Things

Crystals also live harmoniously with other natural pieces. A seashell, distinctive stone, wood piece, even the candle you see in this photo—all of it can contribute to the crystal’s mystique and allure. With crystals you don’t always need to have a prominent display. Sometimes, simply being among other natural pieces allows them to shine or blend in as needed.




There really are no limits for the way you can showcase crystals in your home. Start by finding the place in your home the crystal piece most resonates with. You might also consider how lighting impacts the crystal’s appearance and the potential for reflections into the space. No matter which crystal resonates with you, there’s certainly a place for it in your home.