Wall Art Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Coffee is the fuel that gets millions of Americans going every morning, but it’s not the only reason to visit your neighborhood coffee shop. They are also unique places to hang out, study, or knock out some work. Many coffee shops embrace a  darker look with soft lighting and even some edgy art or fixtures. If you’re a coffee shop owner, wall art can be an important way for you to express your brand and add a distinctive look to your business. Here are seven wall art ideas to spice up your space.

Multi-Panel Art

Using several panels to communicate a single image, word or phrase can be an amazing attention-getter. This artistic style can make a person want to break from the overall image and look at individual pieces or simply ponder a message further. Whether you are able to create your own multi-panel artwork, message or image by framing multiple pieces yourself or have someone create the art for you, this type of expression can really give your space an identity.

multi panel wall art coffee shop


Create a Mural on a Brick Wall

If your space has a brick or block wall, it could be the perfect canvas for a mural. Not to mention, this gets you out of trying to drill holes into cement to hang something. You can hire a local artist to paint a mural of something or someone significant in the community. It can be a famous person, an image that resonates with your brand, or anything else that fits with the theme and feel of your shop. It’s always best to use the entire wall, too. Breaks in the image, other than where the wall meets a corner, tend to take away from the effect.  This also makes a great backdrop for selfies.



mural coffee shop art


Simple Statements and Words


Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to be a little on-the-nose with your messaging. The subject of coffee is a perfect for stating the obvious and having it mean something. A neon “coffee” sign, just like the one in this photo, works fine, and making us read it sideways adds a little quirkiness. You can try other simple phrases or sayings, too. Paint them on the wall or hang them in a frame.


coffee sign bulbs statement word


Photographs That Make Us Wonder

A little contemplation can’t hurt. In fact, some use coffee shops to do just that—to get away from the rat race and let their mind wander a bit. Tease your customers’ curiosity with photos that test gravity, make them wonder just how the heck something was built, or make them marvel at the capabilities of Photoshop. We all remember the classic New York “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper” photo. Images like that and the one here, dropped into a frame, can keep conversation lively in your coffee shop.


wonder image building clouds


Powerful People

A close-up of a face—whether it’s a photo or painting—carries a certain vulnerability and power. Prominent figures or someone painted onto a canvas in an interesting way make for fantastic coffee shop art. In this photo, the color contrast makes the face stand out even more. It takes a boring white wall and suddenly makes it say something without uttering a single word.


Colorful portrait hanging on a wall at a coffee shop between two lights.


Coffee Imagery

Coffee beans, coffee cups, people making coffee, black-and-white photos of tables with espresso machines and steaming brews on them—coffee is subject matter that lends itself to tons of great images. If you’re on a budget, snap photos or find royalty-free images of brewed java or coffee beans online. Simple though it may be, it’s also art. Frame it and use it liberally.


coffee imagery for coffee shop latte art


Eclectic and Adventurous

Some people may see splashing turquoise, pink, red and rose into coffee shop décor as going off the thematic rails, so to speak. But if eclectic is what you like, and it’s the style you want to embrace in your shop, go for it! As this image demonstrates, lively color in a coffee shop does happen. If you do make this bold choice, you’ll want to consider lighting. This approach benefits from more natural light.


eclectic adventurous coffee



As you consider wall art for your coffee shop, keep your own personal and brand aesthetics in mind. Are you adventurous? A thinker? An entrepreneur and risk taker? Let those inner vibes have their say in what you choose. In art, and in many other areas of life, the right approach often reveals itself when you’re not looking for it. Enjoy the search, and if you need help with your coffee shop aesthetics, you can also reach out to a shopPOPdisplays expert for help!