6 Gridwall Display Ideas

hanging hats is a very commonly used gridwall display idea

Gridwall displays are a popular choice for retailers to display products. And it’s really no wonder. They are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to display a lot of merchandise in a small amount of space. They can be free-standing or mounted to a wall to display merchandise using shelves, bins, or hooks—all accessories that can easily accommodate whatever you want to display. Plus, they can be used indoors or out, transported, and set up easily, and even used as a two-sided display to double your display space. What’s more, beyond the traditional retail environment, gridwalls are a space-saving solution for mobile use too, such as craft fairs, art shows, pop-up shops, and more. Keep reading for six gridwall display ideas that will work in many different retail scenarios. 

Gridwall Display Ideas: 6 Use Cases

1. Gridwalls for Craft Show Displays.

Craft show favorites, like wreaths and welcome signs, take up a lot of real estate in a booth. But gridwall displays can help. Wreaths can easily be fastened to the gridwalls or simply hung from S hooks. For a creative wreath display at a craft show, form a three-sided display using gridwall panels and triangle gridwall bases. Spaced strategically in your booth, a few triangular displays can provide an immersive experience for customers viewing your craft inside the booth while allowing you to show off more wreaths in less space.

wreaths displayed on a gridwall
A multitude of wreaths create a welcoming booth that boosts sales.
Photo credit: WhimsyWreathDesignCo.com.


2. Gridwalls for Art Shows.

Just like their ease of use at craft fairs, gridwall panels are easy to set up at art galleries, art fairs, and other temporary spaces, such as a pop-up gallery in a coffee shop. Once set up, just connect the hooks for hanging and hang your work. You can match the gridwalls to your art frames (ie, black gridwalls for black frames, white gridwalls for white frames) or drape a curtain over the grids and hang your art from picture railing hooks to remove any distraction from viewing your art. 

art hanging from gridwall at craft fair
The black print in the artist’s letter pieces stand out against the black gridwall
Photo Credit: Look Between The Lines blog by Whitney Panetta

3. Gridwalls for Clothing Displays.

Whether you are installing gridwalls in a permanent retail space or a flea market booth, they are perfect for calling attention to the clothes you sell as well as a way to streamline the look of your merchandise. Mount gridwall panels to the wall using brackets and use joints and connectors to make it as large as you’d like. A minimalist arrangement of clothing on the gridwall display can serve as seasonal décor in addition to marketing your fashions. For displaying stock that customers will have access to, try angled, waterfall hooks to hang multiples of a style by type, size, and color. 


Color-coordinated clothing displayed on a gridwall
Make your gridwall display a focal point in your shop
Photo Credit: Kimberly German, Pinterest

4. Gridwalls for Hat Displays.

Hats off to a gridwall hat display idea that couldn’t be easier. Line a few gridwall hat racks on a  wall-mounted 14” by 14”gridwall to highlight your featured caps. Or clip decorative clothespins to your gridwall panels to secure a collection. Scarves, belts, handbags, and other accessories can be displayed in a similar fashion.

hats in an organized gridwall display
Hang your hats on decorative clothespins.
Photo Credit: donpedrobrooklyn.com

5. Gridwalls for Thrift Store Displays.

Like any retail shop, thrift stores can use gridwall displays to highlight items from clothing to accessories. Place a gridwall panel on a base in the shop’s window to display the most recent donations to draw customers in. Once in the store, gridwall systems serve as an inexpensive way to create a variety of thrift store displays for clothing and accessories to framed art and mirrors. 

thrift store picture frames displayed on a gridwall
A slatwall-turned-gallery wall invites thrifters to shop frames.
Photo Credit: sadieseasongoods.com

6. Gridwalls for a Temporary Fitting Room.

Two gridwall panels attached with a bar and set up in the corner of a booth create an area where customers can try on clothing. Just hang fabric using heavy-duty clamps to create some privacy. It’s a perfect, space-saving solution for vintage clothing sales or smaller retail spaces on a budget. Bonus: the outside of the panel serves as additional display space. 

Example of how you can use gridwalls to create a temporary fitting room
Create an instant fitting room using gridwall panels.
Photo credit: from craftprofessional.com.

Benefits of Gridwall Displays

Easy to Assemble.

Gridwall panels can be mounted or connected to bases easily. And, it can be configured to fit your display needs. 

Portable and Easy to Transport.

Gridwall panels and their bases are lightweight, making them easy to move them around within your space as well as transport them to mobile pop-ups and craft fairs. 

Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors.

Made of steel, wire-gridwall panels are durable. Plus, powder-coated or vinyl-coated finishes help protect against the weather and elements when using outdoors. 

Offers Two-Sided Displays.

Free-standing gridwalls can display products on both sides to double your merchandising display space. 


Gridwalls can be configured in many, many ways. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing, connected together or used singularly, and further customized with accessories, such as bins, racks, trays, shelves, and hooks. This versatility allows you to organize your merchandise in the best possible way to engage your customers. 

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