Enhance Your Big Day: How Mirrored Pedestals Elevate Wedding Displays

Looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to a wedding event? Look no further than mirrored pedestals. Whether you choose a modern silver, gold, or rose gold; a neutral bronze or black; or a vibrant colored mirror (red, blue, green, orange) that coordinates with your wedding theme, shopPOPdisplays has a mirrored pedestal that’s guaranteed to elevate your event. Not only do they exude elegance, but they provide multiple uses for weddings, such as stunning displays for florals and candlelight, simple, glamorous décor, and even can serve as a table for the guest book or wedding favors. Here are a few more ways to incorporate mirrored pedestals into your wedding displays.

Silver Mirrored Pedestal

Mirrored Pedestals at Every Event

  • Mirrored pedestals can be used at every event in a wedding timeline—from the shower to the ceremony to the reception and even the after party. They have multiple uses and easily fit in with any theme or any season or any budget. So why rent displays when a small investment will pay for itself over, and over, again. Below, we share a few ways to use mirrored pedestals to add elegance at a variety of wedding celebrations.

At the Shower 

  • Show photos of the couple: Use mirrored pedestals to showcase photos of the happy couple. You can feature one pedestal with an array of sweet snapshots or use multiple pedestals arranged throughout the event space to share the history of the couple through framed photos.
  • Create a mirrored bar: Line up a few mirrored pedestals and place a sheet of acrylic across the top to prevent spills. Then line up some glasses and offerings for self-serve beverages, such as bottles of wine or Champagne, or pitchers of sangria or margaritas.
  • Display sweet treats: A cupcake stand or display is a trendy way to show off treats at a bridal shower. It’s versatile and can hold cookies, cupcakes, and more. Place it on a mirrored pedestal and it’s trendy and

At the Ceremony 

  • Outline the aisle: Place two mirrored pedestals at the entrance to the ceremony aisle to guide guests to seating. Set simple florals on top of the mirrored surfaces. The reflection will give the illusion of depth to the display
  • Create a beautiful backdrop for nuptials: Clear vessels filled with white flowers and flameless candles on top of mirrored pedestals of varying heights amp up the romance for exchanging vows.
  • Decorate the altar: Floral arrangements at the altar can be placed on pedestals of varying heights. This dazzling display adds interest without taking away from the bride and groom.
  • Define an outdoor altar: Use four mirrored pedestals as a base for a modern wedding altar. Surround each post with hurricane lanterns. The mirrored surfaces will reflect the candlelight for a romantic vibe.

At the Reception 

  • Display the guest book: Mirrored pedestals take a turn as a luxe lectern to hold a wedding guest book. Place in a high-traffic location or near the entry to the reception so guests can’t miss it.
  • Hold party favors: A trio of mirrored pedestals can serve to send guests off with parting gifts in style. If the favors can’t be stacked neatly on the pedestal’s surface, use acrylic trays to contain them without distracting from the display.
  • Create a dramatic seating chart display: Personalize a pedestal for an elegant seating chart display. Have your guests’ names and their table assignments laser engraved alphabetically on a mirrored pedestal. Illuminate the display with candles at the base and place floral arrangements on top.
  • Showcase a signature cocktail: Place an acrylic easel or sign holder on a mirrored pedestal to announce the event’s drink selections. A styled tabletop of barware and flowers complete the display.
  • Display your menu: A silver mirrored cube riser can elevate the menu choices on a reception’s buffet table, both literally and figuratively.
  • Amp up a photo booth:  Elevate your event’s photo booth experience by placing a mirrored pedestal outside of the booth to attract attention to it. Place signage on top, such as a custom acrylic sign or a trendy neon sign; or an acrylic tray to hold props and signs for wedding guest selfies; or even leave out an assortment of photo booth picture frames that guests can take for their keepsakes.

At the After Party 

  • Offer late night snacks:  Display an array of late-night noshes on a mirrored pedestal or two. Cake pop stands, an acrylic tray with milk and cookies, or a charcuterie board will fit nicely on top of the pedestal and add some pizazz to the party.
  • Create a cocktail table:  Whether placed floating in the room or on the perimeter, mirrored pedestals can stand in as places for guests to rest their drinks or late-night snacks.
  • Outline the dance floor: The after party is usually held in a smaller space and one that’s likely missing a dance floor. Problem solved. Use four mirrored pedestals to define an area for guests to get their groove on. Bonus: the reflection of the mirrors will make the space appear larger.
  • Up the fun factor with a disco ball: Signal that the night is still young with a disco mirror ball party light placed on top of a mirrored pedestal. It’s an easy way to add ambience to an after party and keep the fun spinning for a while longer.

Available in a variety of heights, footprints, and finishes, shopPOPdisplays has the mirrored pedestals you need to elevate any event. We even offer custom sizing for our pedestals. Contact us to see how we can help elevate any wedding affair!