6 Sweet Cupcake Display Ideas

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These small treats are popular at a variety of celebrations, and for good reason. Not only are they easy to eat (simply pick up and walk around with them), but it’s a great way for people to get to sample different flavors in just a few bites. 

Whether you’re selling cupcakes at a local bakery or farmer’s market—or serving them on a special occasion—you’ll need some creative cupcake display ideas that will help your sweets stand out. Not sure where to start? shopPOPdisplays has everything you need to set up mouth-watering cupcake displays for your business or event.

Tiered cupcake display stand with an assortment of cupcakes

Tips on How To Display Cupcakes

Give them space: You don’t want a cupcake table display that crowds your confections. They should have ample space so they’re easy to grab. You also don’t want frosting or decorations accidentally transferring from one cupcake to another because they’re too close.

Dress them up:  Choose fun cupcake wrappers in different colors and patterns to match your event’s overall theme or to celebrate a specific holiday or time of year. Make the sprinkles match the wrappers!

Serve different sizes:  Create visually appealing displays by serving up mini and full-size cupcakes. 

Play with height: Place your cupcakes on tiers to make your display more interesting.

Focus on the cupcakes: The cupcakes should be the star of the show so don’t go overboard with your cupcake display. Keep it simple with one of our clear acrylic designs that puts the spotlight on the dessert.

6 Ideas for Cupcake Display

 1. Round Cupcake Display

 This Clear 4 Tier Round Cupcake Display boasts round shelves that are a snap to assemble and disassemble so you can easily store them when not in use. The clear acrylic design puts the spotlight on your sweet treats, enticing customers or guests to indulge.

 2.  Acrylic Box

 The Acrylic 5 Sided Box offers a sleek look, allowing you to place individual cupcakes on top or inside the box. You can also combine multiple boxes to create a customized cupcake display idea. 

Two clear acrylic risers with one green, pink and white frosted cupcakes

3. Acrylic Risers

 Acrylic Cylinder Risers come in so many sizes that creating an eye-catching cupcake display is easy.  Place multiple cupcakes on a Long Acrylic Riser, while a variety of mini cupcakes can be positioned on an Acrylic Cylinder Riser. Another great way to display cupcakes is at different heights. These clear Acrylic Square Risers come in a set of three, each a different height, ranging from 4″ high to 8″. 

4. Acrylic Double Risers

Double your space on your retail location’s countertop or your event’s dessert table with shopPOPdisplays’ Acrylic Double Risers, which come in two sizes: 14” and 10”

5. Shelf Risers

If you’re wondering how to display cupcakes at different heights without much work, look no further than our Three Step Stair Display. Need something a bit bigger? The Wide Acrylic Three Step Riser doesn’t require any assembly!

6. Block Risers

While you want your cupcakes to take center stage, you can still add a splash of color to your cupcake display. Our selection of Accented Solid Block Risers boasts a thick strip of fluorescent acrylic in numerous styles and colors.

Cupcake Display Uses

  • Weddings. Set them up around the wedding cake, on the dessert buffet table, or get really creative and place them on each guest table as the centerpiece.
  • Birthday Parties. Cupcakes aren’t just for kids—even adults love them. They’re also an easy dessert to transport to a different venue.
  • Fundraisers. If your school or organization is having a bake sale, cupcake displays can help increase sales.
  • Bakeries. Entice customers to try new flavors with your cupcake displays.
  • Famer’s Markets. Our lightweight cupcake displays are easy to assemble and disassemble so you can sell at different markets.

Final Thoughts

Ready to start using shopPOPdisplay’s tips, tricks and ideas? Start browsing our selection of cupcake displays and don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team with questions about customization.