The Best Ways to Display Shoes

Whether it’s sneakers, heels, flats, or boots, it’s important to display shoes effectively, not only so they can be admired but also kept in good condition. And this is true for both shoe lovers and sellers (did you know that the average person owns around 19 pairs of shoes and buys about four new pairs each year?)

If you’re a shoe retailer, you need simple display options that will show off your inventory and entice shoppers to make a purchase. For consumers, you’ll want to be able to find the perfect footwear to complement your outfit, as well as keep your shoes in good condition so you can wear them for years to come. Not sure how to display shoes? Fortunately, there’s no shortage of shoe display options at shopPOPdisplays. Read on to learn from the pros how to display shoes in an organized way that also helps preserve and maintain the pristine condition. 

8 Types of Shoe Displays

1. Shoe Riser

Arguably the easiest way to display shoes is with a shoe riser. Our selection—in clear short, black short, and black tall, can be placed on counter spaces, slatwall shelf racks, closet floors, and more. They are specially designed to keep one pair of shoes in place. These are especially useful if you have a pair of shoes that deserve to be front-and-center and standout on their own.

Black and red basketball sneaker on a acrylic slatwall shoe display

2. Slatwall Shoe Displays

Using an Acrylic Slatwall is a great way to display shoes  while also saving valuable space. Our Slatwall Shoe Display works with a large variety of shoes, allowing them to rest on a 45-degree angle without worry of sliding off.

3. Shelves

Open shelving is a simple way to organize and display different pairs of shoes in one place. Coordinate your shoes by style or color on our Four Shelf Wooden Open Display Case that is durable and comes in a variety of stains to complement any space. And if you need something that can be easily moved, or taken up and down, check out our Folding Four Shelf Display, which also comes in different stains.

4. Shelf Risers

Position individual shoes on our long Acrylic U-Shaped Risers. They’re simple in design so the emphasis is on the footwear and not the display. These work great in a retail or footwear setting.

5. Acrylic Box

Have a pair that is super special to you? Store them in a Custom Five Sided Acrylic Box. It can be customized into various sizes, and you can opt for a clear acrylic box with a lid or without one. This is especially popular for shoe collectors and helps preserve and maintain shoes for future resale value.

Basketball shoes organized in acrylic display cubes

 6. Acrylic Cubes

Our 2-pack modular 12″ 5-sided clear acrylic cubes are perfect for keeping shoes organized and on display. Stack them as high or low as you like and create unique shoe display designs that are kept securely in place.

7. Nested Crates

Store seasonal shoes or clearance items in Nested Crates. shopPOPdisplays offers them in different colors, and they can be stacked with ease. 

Luxurious stilettos stored in pedestal display case

8. Pedestals

Put your shoes on full display with our set of 3 White Economy Nesting Displays, which are created from high-quality PVC material. Our Gloss Black Laminate Pedestal Display Case with Acrylic Cover is another sound option—bringing style, stability, and surface to your shoe display without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know how to display shoes, it’s time to start laying out your options in your home or store. Shop our selections and reach out to customer service with questions about pricing and customization.