How to Build a Comic Book Display Rack for Your Collection

Does your comic book collection make your home look like a candidate for the show, Hoarders? Turn those stacks into an impressive comic book display. Whether you have an entire room or just a corner to devote to displaying your collection, we have some advice for how to build a comic book display rack.

Benefits of a Customized Comic Book Display Rack

The first benefit that comes to mind when building a rack for your piles and piles of comics is getting them off the floor and into some sort of organization. Think about your favorite comic book shop. The books are not piled on the ground. New ones are displayed in a visible manner; rare ones are protected behind acrylic and can only be accessed with assistance; and inventory is filed in drawers or in bins.

It’s not that different when you’re considering how to build a comic book display rack at home for your personal collection. You want to showcase your favorites, organize others, and protect all of them from dust, residue, rodents, heat, sunlight, and wear and tear. While a humble metal rack is a retail must-have, it’s not the best option for long-term display and storage since it leaves the books vulnerable to damage.

Typically, single issues are placed in longboxes—a heavy cardboard box that allows comic books to be stored upright. But if that isn’t your aesthetic, you can DIY a custom comic book display rack.

the walking dead comic book

What do You Need to Build a Comic Book Display?

There are a few different ways to build a comic book display, depending on how much space you have, the size of your collection, and your budget. You can use existing furniture, such as bookshelves, filing cabinets, and storage cubes, or purchase items you don’t already have. Here are some common products to consider that will help keep your valuable collection safe.

Display stands:  Literature display stands are made for magazines. They allow you to store comics in bulk while keeping them accessible and visible. Just place on top of cabinets, cubbies, dressers or shelving.

Display cabinets and bookshelves:  Wall mounted or floor standing, lit with LEDs, or behind glass doors, their shelves are a blank canvas to help build a comic book display rack.

Easels:  an acrylic J Stand easel can be placed on a dresser top, bookshelf, or on cubicle storage. Use it to showcase a comic book and keep it accessible.

Boxes and bins: Consider acrylic boxes, wooden crates, and long boxes. A benefit to acrylic: you can see the cover of the comic book you place at the front of the box. This works as a labeling system. You’ll know instantly which bin has the Marvel comics and which bin contains the DC comics. No matter what storage you choose, be sure to use comic book boards and comic book bags to protect your books and help them stay upright.

Magazine files and racks:  Try an office supply store to stock up on some magazine files. They come in an assortment of colors to match any décor or theme. The help to unify color on a shelf and display the collection neatly.

Counter top displays:  Placed on a bookshelf, a credenza, a desk, these displays will help put your comics in the spotlight. An acrylic locking cabinet will keep rare books on display but safe. For something more accessible, try a wooden magazine holder with acrylic front. The comics, placed with their covers facing forward, act as décor as well since this shows off their cover art. For a special comic, highlight it in an exhibit case with linen backing.

Wall-mounted displays:  Use wall space to your advantage. From wall mount magazine holders to acrylic shadow boxes to an acrylic case with a black wall mount shelf, there are a lot of options for displaying your collection as art.

books on black wooden shelf

Setting Up the Comic Book Display Rack

You might use a variety of display types to showcase your collection. Here’s how to use a few of them:

If using cubbies/storage cubes…Mix in a variety of storage. For example, bins and magazine files can be stowed in some cubes while others can be left open to display comics, toys, and other collectibles and memorabilia.

If using multiple bookcases or floor standing cabinets…Try to line them up side-by-side for a cohesive, custom built-in look. If the shelves are adjustable, try to line them up as well. Also, angle a bookcase in a corner as a bridge between two bookcases to create a continuous collection.

If using wall-mounted storage…use a level, and a stud finder. Whether you are hanging shelves, frames, or other wall-mounted displays, you want to build a comic book display rack that won’t fall off the wall.

Organizing Your Comic Book Display Rack

Now it’s time to pick up those piles of comics from the floor and give them the order they deserve. There are different ways to organize a comic book collection. It’s mostly personal preference, but think about accessibility, protection, and longevity (both for the individual comic book as well as adding to a growing collection). For instance, keep books that you plan to read within easy reach, rare titles displayed behind an acrylic frame, and some empty room on the shelves or in bins so you can easily add more as your collections grows.

When it comes to organizing those titles in bins? Try this simple 3-step formula for an easy way to find a particular volume or add to your collection.


  1. Divide single issues by publisher (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, etc.)
  2. Separate by title
  3. Arrange in numerical order

If you are “filing” your comics in drawers, make dividers out of cardboard. Make sure they are narrower than the box or drawer and taller than the comics you are storing. If you are arranging your collection on open shelving, use bookends to support your comic books. Fill in empty spaces on shelves with figurines, artwork, and larger books.

We hope these ideas help you build a comic book display rack!