6 Creative Grocery Store Displays to Impress Shoppers

There are so many options now when it comes to food shopping. People are no longer forced to drive to the local market to get their necessities for the week and can instead opt for the convenience of online ordering and home delivery. Yet 72 percent of shoppers purchase their food and everyday products at supermarkets, according to Statista.

With 63,419 supermarkets and grocery stores in the United States today, you need to be creative with your grocery store displays to make sure your location stands out. Displays are a way to not only keep your store organized, but also showcase merchandise to generate sales.

Here are some ideas for creative grocery store displays that will wow shoppers and keep them coming back each week.

Grocery Store Display Ideas

person standing between shelvings

Use Grocery Store Displays to Engage the Senses

With online shopping on the rise, you want to remind customers of the benefits of brick-and-mortar shopping. One way to do that is to engage their five senses. Create visually appealing displays by coordinating produce by color, and also allowing customers to feel the merchandise and smell it. The Nine Basket Display has three tiers of three wooden baskets and is durable enough to hold a variety of items, while the Three Tier Wood and Basket Display gives off a rustic char.

Hang Grocery Displays High and Low

Shelving allows you to get creative with grocery store displays by placing merchandise at different levels. Slatwall can help with that, offering bins, hooks, and shelves to organize items in a variety of ways while still keeping them at eye-level.

Highlight Grocery Sales with Pop Up Banners

You want to keep customers informed of special deals and discounts, so signage is key. Retractable banners can be placed around the store to catch people’s attention. Durable enough to last years, yet lightweight enough to be moved around the space when needed or stored in the back.

Show Produce Seasonality and Holidays in Displays

Signage–including our selection of poster stands–can also help promote seasonal products and holiday items that will only be in stock for a limited time. And wood barrels could be a fun way to display these items and set them apart from the store’s regular inventory.

Use Different Display Shapes

Step out of the box with creative grocery store displays that come in different shapes. Our round shelf wire rack features sturdy metal construction and three open shelves to encourage impulse buys, while the nested pine crates comes in a set of three and fits inside each other.

Give customers a clear view

Your store’s bakery items can get a boost from creative grocery store displays, such as our food display cases. Show off yummy treats with our cupcake stands and displays or use acrylic risers to design displays with more dimension.

Encourage impulse buys

Just because a customer has reached checkout doesn’t mean their shopping has to be done. Acrylic dump bins can encourage people to make last-minute purchases at the register. Fill them with non-perishable items like gum, mints, small toys for kids, and the like.