Showing Off Your Favorite Baseball Items in Time for The World Series

Baseball and Collectibles: A Healthy Pastime


Competition is inevitable when it comes to any sport, however perhaps the World Series is just what this country needs right now. You see, according to Larry Olmsted, author of Fans: How Watching Sports Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Understanding (Algonquin Books, March 2, 2021) finds that being a fan of any sport boosts self-esteem, reduces depression and promotes a sense of belonging, noting that people are tribal in nature and that ultimately sports can heal communities. People may disagree, even argue but they part ways amicably and remain friends. So, amid the great political divide is the World Series. The Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves will take to the field and battle it out to crown the 2021 baseball champion and it couldn’t come at a better time. We all may benefit from it. Perhaps that’s why baseball – or any sports collectors are happier people year-round.


With the World Series here, sports fanatics everywhere are plotting ways to celebrate and display their most prized baseball collectibles. Baseball fans everywhere know how a collection can offer a great sense of pride and connection to this monumental sporting event, but not everyone knows how to properly display their collection. Don’t let your most valuable pieces turn into a pile of junk, exhibit your treasures with honor and style with key display pieces that truly accentuate each item.


Acrylic Double Baseball Case with Signed Baseballs


Baseballs, Bobbleheads, Hats, Bats, and More…


Easily showcase your favorite signed baseball, bobblehead doll, hat, or bat with the perfect acrylic display. Custom-tailored to your item of choice, a glossy acrylic case can really highlight an item and become a point of focus to a display wall or even as an accent piece in your living space. A single black base and a smooth acrylic top will easily make your baseball memento effortlessly pop.


Acrylic Bobblehead Doll Display Box with Black Base


Jerseys and Uniforms


Jerseys and other notable pieces of famous baseball uniforms are great mementos as well as collector items. If you are lucky enough to have a commemorative MLB item, you may be anxious to show it off as the main conversation piece in your man cave, basement, or home when having a gathering with fellow fans.  We don’t blame you, signed jerseys and uniforms are pretty impressive.


The first step in properly displaying a jersey is to figure out whether you want to show off the whole thing or just part of it, or if it should be folded to display off numbers or a special signature. No matter what orientation or part of the jersey you wish to present, a clear acrylic jersey display case, much like a shadowbox, is the most simple and elegant option to show off your prized possession and protect against unwanted hands and dust to boot!


Baseball Cards


Although small in size and more manageable from an organizational standpoint, signed baseball cards can be a little trivial when it comes to displaying them in an exciting or interesting way. You may consider getting a small acrylic case for your signed cards so it appears more like antiquity, or perhaps laminating your cards and propping them up inside of a clear or color acrylic cube cardholder. Acrylic cube cardholders are an eclectic way to arrange your collectible cards on tables, bookcases, and shelves. Note that when shelving is deep it’s good to move your item on display to the front underneath focused light to really call impressive attention to it.


Acyrlic Cube Card Holder with Florescent Blue Accent




Signed posters and photographs are a crowd favorite when it comes to sports displays of any kind. Remember when hanging multiple posters or photos, keeping your assortment symmetrical is essential when creating an organized presentation on a wall. When picking photos and posters to mount on your wall be sure to find durable and easy-to-use poster frames that can be hung side by side or in groups much like a collage that provide balance and a point of interest. If hanging photos or posters in bulk, be sure to hang the largest one in the middle for optimal symmetry.


11 x 17 Slide-in Poster Frame - Silver


Trophies and Other Ornaments


If you consider yourself a super-collector and happen to have a coveted MLB replica trophy, ornament, or stadium replica, you may need to consider a larger display piece to show off a prized trinket. A glossy round display pedestal might be exactly what you are looking for to provoke conversation and attention to your memorabilia. Perfect for the inside of your home or office, there is no better way to call attention to a special sports accessory than to give it a special piece to rest upon.


We hope you are feeling more prepared to decorate your living space, display your prized MLB items, and celebrate The World Series 2021! Whether you choose to have a party or a small gathering with fellow fans and friends, we hope you are best prepared to show off your spirited memorabilia in your most favorite sports setting.


White Round Display Pedestal