Inspiring Customer Creativity: Garson & Shaw

Today we’re highlighting the creativity of one of our customers, Garson & Shaw. Sometimes our customers inspire us with their innovations, not the other way around. While some of our clients, large and small, approach us with barely conceived, or fully-formed visions about the displays, fixtures, or products they want us to create, at other times, we discover an image or concept that blows us away, leaving us wondering, “why didn’t we think if that?” This is one of those stories.


Pedestals are usually used for…

When we broadened our product offerings to include an expanded array of pedestals, we hadn’t fully enumerated the endless ways they might be re-purposed. We know the standard applications and talk about them on our site, to add height or interest, to draw the eye, for display, for architectural accent, etc. What we hadn’t considered was filling clear acrylic pedestals with folded fabric and turning them into a podium.

How it came together

They found us through an online search and had the concept in mind before making the purchase.

“We sell secondhand clothes so we used the pedestals as a lectern filled of used clothes.”

Our client, Garson & Shaw is considered a “leader in the textile recycling industry.” They utilized our product, a pair of clear acrylic pedestals, as both fixture and a focal point during the 2017 Annual Conference on Textile Recycling.

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Here’s the story in their own words,

“Excellent product. I placed the order for two (12″ x 12″ x 36″) Clear Square Floor Standing Pedestals and they shortly contacted me that they only had one in stock and the second one would get shipped out 2-3 weeks later. I needed them before those 2-3 weeks so I was ready to cancel my order. They were super kind and didn’t want to lose the business so they shipped out the 1 they had in stock right away and ordered the making of the second one to be delivered before my event date. We are very happy with the displays and even though we used them for our event, they are still being used in our office.”

Not only are we impressed with their innovation, but we also love the look and feel of their creation, and appreciate their commitment to “connect the things you have and no longer need, with people who can use them.” As they say, “it’s our business to give used clothing a second life.”

And what’s shopPOPdisplay’s business?

It’s our business to be your partner. We apply our knowledge of Stock, Custom, and Point of Purchase Fixtures and Displays to create the perfect platform. No matter the size or sphere of your business, we provide the tools to frame your products,  your brand, or your message, which in this case, is sustainability, by recycling “millions of pounds of clothes, shoes, and household items” each year.

Sometimes we deliver a fully formed solution. Sometimes, the creativity of our clients, along with their trust in us to contribute the right resources, means we stand by and watch the magic happen. Often, we are the ones who are amazed.

What can we do for you?