Celebrate an Exclusive LEGO Star Wars May 4 Promo + New Releases!

May the 4th Be With You

Lego Star Wars may the force be with you

Attention, Star Wars fans, fanatics, and collectors of all kinds! As we gear up to celebrate May the 4th, a day cherished by LEGO® enthusiasts around the galaxy, we have some exciting news to share: An exclusive 5% discount for May the 4th on all Star Wars Display Cases and Stands for LEGO® site wide on shopPOPdisplays.com. 

LEGO May 4 Promo: 5% Off Star Wars Display Cases and Stands for LEGO At Check Out 

To kick off the much-anticipated festivities, our team at shopPOPdisplays is thrilled to offer a special LEGO May 4 promo of a 5% discount on all display cases for LEGO® Star Wars sets for a limited time. 

Simply use the promo code MAY4THSW at checkout. Be sure to mark your calendars, as this offer is set to expire on May 6th. 

Top-Selling and New Release Star Wars Display Cases

As part of the commemoration for such a galactically beloved day, we’re highlighting our top-selling and latest additions to our Display Cases for LEGO® Star Wars collection, ensuring you have the best options to showcase your prized LEGO sets. Here’s a glimpse at some of our most coveted featured products:

Display Case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS Millennium Falcon™ 75192 & 10179 

display case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS Millennium Falcon™ 75192 & 10179

The ultimate choice for highlighting the iconic Corellian freighter. Illuminate your Millennium Falcon with pride in this stunning, top-selling display case for LEGO. 

Display Case for LEGO® Star Wars™ Tantive IV 

display case for LEGO® Star Wars™ Tantive IV

Fresh off the launch on April 26th, this latest release is sure to be a hit among collectors and fans alike. From a distant galaxy to the heart of your home, behold the perfect display case to highlight the meticulously crafted, medium-sized, brick-built replica of the legendary Tantive IV spacecraft.

Display Case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS AT-AT™ 75313 

display case for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS AT-AT™ 75313

Admire the grandeur of the AT-AT in all its glory with our display case, complete to highlight this set’s posable legs and head, cannons with authentic recoil action, rotating cannons, a bomb-drop hatch, and a hook for replicating Luke Skywalker’s daring feat in the Battle of Hoth.

Display Cases for LEGO® Star Wars™ Helmets


display case for LEGO® Star Wars™helmets

Whether it’s Boba Fett or the Dark Trooper, protect and display your favorite Star Wars helmets with our sleek display cases that will captivatingly show off each unique set in all its glory.

Display Stand for LEGO® Star Wars™ UCS Millennium Falcon™ 75192 & 10179: 

Elevate your Millennium Falcon to new heights with our premium display stand and make this choice collector’s piece stick out amongst any décor. 

Ready-To-Assemble vs. Permanently Assembled Display Case Options

We understand that each collector’s display preferences may vary depending on their own personal needs, which is why we offer both Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) and permanently assembled display case options for all Star Wars cases. Our LEGO® display cases come in two styles: 

  • RTA: easy to put together with included hardware and screwdriver
  • Permanently Assembled: handcrafted without hardware but more costly for shipping and construction.

Choose what suits your display needs best and select your preferred style at checkout with our LEGO Star Wars May 4 promo.

Sealed Cases for Collectors

For collectors who prefer to keep their LEGO® sets in pristine condition, we offer sealed cases to ensure maximum protection while preserving the integrity of your collection. These sealed cases are available in a multitude of sizes for your ultimate convenience. 

Custom Printing Features

Unleash your creativity with our custom printing features, allowing you to personalize your Star Wars background to reflect your unique style and preferences. Each LEGO case product page on shopPOPdisplays offers an exclusive Custom – Upload Custom Print option, providing all our customers with a guide for the image upload process, which is unique to our service and brand! 

Explore Custom RTA

If you’re unable to find a case for your other Star Wars sets, fear not! Explore our Custom RTA option to create a tailored solution just for you.

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Get ready to celebrate LEGO Star Wars May the 4th in style with our exclusive discounts and the latest additions to our Star Wars collection. May the Force be with you!