12 Chic and Easy Wedding Decorations with Personalized Displays

ALT Text: Easy wedding decorations for outdoor weddings

Most couples want to find ways to make their wedding day stand out from the pack. One easy way to do that is through personalization. Customizing your wedding displays and signage creates easy wedding decorations that still show off your personality and style as a couple. It’s also a great way to showcase your wedding’s theme or location.

Here are some personalization ideas that can serve as easy (but memorable) wedding decorations.

12 Easy Wedding Decorations

1. Personalized Welcome Sign

Personalized wedding welcome sign with a photo of the couple.

Set the tone for the event with a chic custom-printed acrylic sign welcoming guests with the couple’s names and wedding date that can sit at the entrance of the ceremony. The best part about this type of sign is that you can proudly display it in your home well after the big day.

2. Personalized Wedding Program

Personalized wedding program
Source: Etsy

You can print out wedding programs featuring your monogram or that pay homage to your wedding’s theme. Want to save paper? Have your wedding program engraved on a clear acrylic sign and place it at the entrance to the ceremony location. It not only informs guests but serves as an easy wedding decoration for your vows.

3. Custom Wedding Table Signage

Wedding table plan sign

While you can go the traditional route with table numbers, some couples are getting creative and naming their tables after things that showcase their personalities, such as favorite locations, songs, or even movies. You can even use a wedding table plan sign to make it easy for your guests to find their table easily.

4. Sweetheart Table Signage

Newlyweds sweetheart table sign
Source: Etsy

Add a loving touch to your sweetheart table by placing a personalized sign behind it. This can feature your favorite romantic quote, the lyrics to the song from your first dance, or simply your name (ie. “The Millers”). 

 5. Personalized Seating Chart

Acrylic tabletop signs for wedding seating

Instead of individual place cards, create a personalized seating chart that complements your wedding’s theme and style. One cool idea is to have everyone’s table assignments etched on acrylic. You can place custom-made acrylic tabletop signs on each table and use similar coloring and fonts as the rest of your wedding invitations and programs so it’s aesthetically consistent and beautiful. Find additional wedding seating chart display ideas here.

 6. Signature Wedding Drink Station

Signature wedding drink signage
Source: Pinterest

Signature wedding drinks, named after the couple or centered around the wedding’s theme or locale, are a fun way to personalize your event. Set up a stylish drink station with signage that includes the drink names and ingredients and the inspiration for each cocktail.

7. Monogrammed Napkins

Monogrammed wedding napkins
Source: Etsy

Add sophistication to the bar area with monogrammed napkins featuring your initials or a custom design that matches the wedding theme. Guests will notice the detail on these small touches helping make your wedding a more memorable experience.

8. Menu Signage

Acrylic printed menu for weddings

Add an easy wedding decoration to the food stations at your cocktail hour with menu signage in your wedding colors. You can place small signs on the tables or enlarged signs on easels next to them.

9. Photo Display Wall

Creative wedding photo display
Source: Fab Mood

Celebrate special moments as a couple—as well as beloved family members who are no longer with you—with a customized photo display wall. You can place this at the entrance to the reception or in the cocktail hour location, allowing your guests to leave personalized messages near or even on the display. You can also get creative and use pine nested crates to create a rustic look like above.

10. Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized and unique wedding favors
Source: The Knot

Offer guests personalized wedding favors such as engraved candles, custom-made chocolates, or mini bottles of wine with your name and wedding date. Create unique custom print products with shopPOPdisplays!

11. Love Story Timeline

Cute and creative love story timeline for wedding
Source: Pinterest

Craft a timeline display highlighting significant milestones in your relationship, from their first date to the proposal, using stylish signage and decorative accents to tell your love story. Custom print your love story on acrylic to display at the wedding, and use your favorite colors and fonts to personalize it.

12. Personalized Cake Topper

 Personalized wedding cake topper made out of etched wood
Source: Etsy

Ditch the usual couple cake topper and replace it with a personalized one. Some ideas include your monogram, a cute saying, or even a min version of your pet.

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