Wood Pedestals vs. Acrylic Pedestals: Which Should I Use?

Pedestals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a square or round pedestal; one with or without a cover; a wood, matte, or high-gloss finish; or one that’s mirrored, colored, or clear acrylic, we’ve got you. At shopPOPdisplays, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of pedestals to choose from. You definitely won’t have a problem finding one (or more) that you like. But you may be unsure which one you need. How do you know if a wood pedestal or an acrylic pedestal is the right choice for your purposes? Keep reading. We’ll start with a few questions and then break down the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down your selections and choose the right pedestal for you.

Will the pedestals be used indoors or outdoors?

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Acrylic Pedestals: Weddings, graduation parties, and outdoor entertainment and dining venues are all candidates for incorporating pedestal displays. Our round clear acrylic pedestals can hold flowers, a wedding cake, or a photo display, for an afternoon or an evening. But they’re not weather-resistant so they can’t be left outdoors indefinitely. Our economy display pedestals are also light enough to be transported and used outdoors. If possible, place acrylic pedestals in a covered area, such as a porch or under a party canopy or rental tent.
Wooden pedestals: Sure, you can bring wood pedestals outdoors for a one-time event. But, if you’re planning to use pedestals primarily outdoors, you would be smart to invest in our new weather-resistant TimberLine pedestals, the White Outdoor Display Pedestal, All American and the Textured Outdoor Display Pedestal with Weather-Resistant TimberLine. They are both weather-resistant, made with scratch-resistant HDPE, come in multiple sizes, and are available in Whitewash, Teak, Weatherwood, Dark Ash, or rich Mahogany (in the event you still want a wood look).


Will the pedestal stay in one place or does it have to be travel-friendly

Acrylic pedestals: There’s one, ahem, clear winner here. And that’s our line of portable and collapsible pedestals. They’re perfect for traveling to trade shows, craft fairs, flea markets, and other special events. Plus, they’re easy to store, transport, set up, and break down. And they ship flat to save on shipping costs.
Wooden pedestals: If the display will be stationary, invest in a wooden pedestal. Whether it’s for retail, home, or office use, we have a wide selection of pedestal displays in different heights, footprints (plinth and cylinder), shapes (square, round and cube), and finishes (walnut, oak, maple, and cherry). Most of our pedestals can be customized or ordered with built-in LED lights.


Will the pedestal hold a heavy- or light-weight object?

Acrylic pedestals: Acrylic is durable and can withstand a heavy load. But it will depend on the design. Depending on its size, our mirrored pedestals can hold up 200 pounds; our laminated lighted pedestal can hold up to 100 pounds; and our portable pedestals, only 30 pounds.
Wooden pedestals: – They are much better suited to support items that weigh more than 75 pounds. Our wood pedestal can hold up to 200 pounds; our lighted pedestal up to 100. Also, you might want to consider the shape of the pedestal. A rectangular shape can bear more weight than slimmer pedestal styles, making it a sturdy choice for sculptures or other large items with a square base.


Does your space have a traditional or modern design?

Acrylic pedestals: One advantage is that acrylic lends a more minimalist design aesthetic and blends into any environment or décor. When used for events, such as a wedding or an awards ceremony, transparent and mirrored pedestals become part of the display. When used in a gallery or museum setting, the glossy surface of acrylic pedestals allow objects to be admired from different angles.
Wooden pedestals: A popular choice for more traditional settings, these shine in spaces such as retail, business settings, and even homes. The wood finish of shopPOPdisplays’ wooden pedestals—whether you choose walnut, oak, maple, or cherry—will add depth and warmth to any indoor space.


Is the space that you’re furnishing small or large?

Acrylic pedestals: Small space? You’re better off with clear acrylic pedestals as their transparency allows them to blend into the room. Shape also matters, so if possible, go with round pedestals, as their shape minimizes their appearance. Their softer shape also helps balance out a room that has angular shapes.
Wooden pedestals: Use visually heavier wooden pedestals in larger rooms to create balance. They can lengthen wide spaces, and even be used to draw the eyes upward in a room that has cluttered floor (think busy carpet pattern). They can even be simply used to compliment the room’s architecture.


Does the item you’re displaying have to be lit?

 Trick question. Both of our acrylic pedestals and wooden pedestals are available with LED lighting. Whether the placement of the pedestal is in a store, a home, an office, a museum/gallery, or event space, lighted pedestals will illuminate and accent anything you place on it.