Custom Countertop Displays: What You Need To Know

In order to take advantage of all the opportunities you have to market to your audience through displays, thinking intentionally about every display location — especially custom countertop displays — is essential. Consider this: Your counters are the last place customers go before leaving your shop, the place where they’ll make any impulse purchases, based on what they see around them as they’re exiting. This means that the items you promote and showcase on your counters — whether they’re in acrylic risers or restaurant display cases — take prime store real estate and should be chosen strategically.
acrylic countertop displays baked goods. Retail countertop display
How can you create countertop displays that boost your business? What tips should you keep in mind to drive more sales and engagement? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at key ways to create custom counter displays that work:

Choose items with high profit margins and low prices

You have limited counterspace to work with, so when you’re deciding what to showcase, choose carefully. Stick to the products with the highest profit margins (better profits for you) but low price tags (less hesitation for customers). What do you sell that gives you the greatest rate of return? What has the biggest profits? Highlight items that are cheap, maybe a few dollars or so, which customers could mindlessly choose to add to their carts on their way out the door. This makes it easier for them to say yes and buy.

Focus only on a few items

Don’t overload your countertop display with a little of everything — this dilutes the marketing. When you want to grab a customer’s attention, keep in mind that more is not always better. Rather, focus on one or two items to display at the counter. This helps narrow your customers’ focus as they’re checking out or asking a question at the counter.


Label clearly

Impulse purchases rely on fast decisions in order to work. With that in mind, label products clearly and make their prices obvious. The minute a customer has to decide to stop and evaluate something or not, you’ve missed your opportunity.

Think about timing

There’s a good reason stores tend to rotate their products seasonally; it’s how customers shop. Look at the patterns of your buyers, and market products to those trends. What will they need this season? What’s appealing to them as they’re heading out the door in January versus July? By acknowledging the seasonal nature of shopping, you can better target your audience.
Whether you specialize in baked goods or sports equipment, you can start making the most of your custom countertop displays with the four tips above. Maximize that unique window of opportunity you have when customers check out, and think strategically. By doing so, you can use counter displays to showcase high-margin, low-cost items that will be easy for customers to say yes to buying.
Bob Phipps, The Retail Doctor offers valuable advice. Check out these expert tips.