5 Ways to Display Wrestling Belts

An example of a wrestling belt that you will want to display carefully

Whether you watch it on television or compete on the mat, wrestling is a popular sport in the United States. And wrestling aficionados know that the most prized possession a wrestler can have is their championship belt. 

While you might want to wear it every day, that’s probably not practical. Instead, it makes sense to find out how to display your wrestling belts so you can not only show them off but also make sure that they’re protected so they look their best for years to come.

Now sure how to display your wrestling belt? Read on for some suggestions.

What are Wrestling Championship Belts?

Wrestling championship belts look like championship belts for boxing. The belts are usually made of leather and feature a plate in the middle—typically made of gold or another metal—that showcases the name of the title that has been won. Wrestling belts can be worn around the waist or displayed in a number of ways, depending on personal preferences. If you’re not wearing your belt, then it’s important to secure it in a display to preserve the quality and allow you to show it off!

5 ​​Ways to Display Wrestling Belts

1. Slatwall Shelves. 

If you have multiple wrestling belts to display, an easy way to showcase them all is with slatwall shelves. Our deluxe acrylic slatwall shelves are durable, with a simple design that puts the focus on your belts and trophies. 

2. A Dedicated Wrestling Belt Acrylic Display Case. 

You simply can’t go wrong with our Wrestling Belt Acrylic Display Case. It features a clear acrylic display case, gold finish risers, a glossy black base, and a clear acrylic display stand. Use it to show off your most prized belt, or you can proudly show off your favorite or most prized belts in your home or office.

3. Display Cabinets. 

If you have various belts and trophies to display, take a look at our 3′ Wide Wooden Lighted Floor Standing Display Case with Sliding Doors and Mirrored Back. It comes in four finishes—natural oak, caramel oak, espresso, and cherry oak—and has built-in locks and lighting so you can make your wrestling belts the center of attention while also keeping them safe. These are especially useful when you have small kids at home who want to wear your belt!

4. Wall Mount Display. 

If you want to save counter or floor space, look no further than a wall-mounted option. The Wall Mount Wooden Mirrored Counter Top Single Shelf Display Case boasts a mirrored back and tempered sliding glass doors—and is big enough that it should be able to hold two belts (folded) on each level. This option will give you a polished and professional look for your prized wrestling belt display.

5. Acrylic Easel. 

When it comes to how to display your wrestling belt, there are so many uses for acrylic easels. Our Acrylic Upright Easel can be placed on shelves and in display cabinets to keep your belts upright. If you have a belt that you want to keep in a special spot, our 3.5 x 5 Acrylic Easel with Sign Holder can be placed on a countertop—and its clear acrylic design gives attention to your belt.

Preserve Your Championship Wrestling Belt with ShopPOPdisplays

Figuring out how to display your wrestling belt will ensure that it is kept in pristine condition. Now that you have some suggestions, check out our selection of displays, and feel free to reach out to our customer service team for guidance and personalization options.