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A well-thought out visual merchandising display plan for your hardware store or department plays a pivotal role in driving store sales and directing your consumers to essential items for their next big project! Oftentimes when consumers enter your hardware store, they are walking into an establishment that is going to help them build, repair, or install something vital to their lives, which is exactly why your hardware store display racks need to be designed with optimal visibility and constructed of quality materials.

The first order of business is to arrange your shop in a way that makes it easy for consumers to find the proper tools, parts, cleaning products, paints, and appliances. With such a variety of products, hardware stores are known to have an overwhelming surplus of inventory making it essential to have stand out signage to assist individuals navigate their well-stocked aisles. When trying to present small go-to items like screws, nails, brackets, carabiners, studs, tape, glue, doorknob parts, locks and chains utilizing a 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers is ideal for presenting these must-have items in an organized fashion.

Another much-needed selection of product organizers are our retail shelving and racks, slatwall shelves, and gridwall fixtures. Also, a slatwall merchandiser is among a top choice of space-saving hardware store display racks and bins to promote products. Additionally, hanging slatwall trays and bins, hooks, cubes, sign holders, and shelving to display premium merchandise, popular products, and promotional signs makes the most of valuable retail space. This assortment of slatwall merchandiser accessories also house materials, tools, nuts, bolts, hinges and fasteners to create a centralized area for popular hardware necessities. ShopPOPdisplays’ gridwall fixtures are another versatile method used to showcase a variety of tools and accessories. They are generally made out of wire and have different grooves that allow for varying gridwall accessories and gridwall bins and trays to be installed to best showcase tools that hang as well as lightweight cleaning and plumbing supplies.

When creating a merchandising plan for your hardware store anticipate and prevent potential buyer frustration by including inexpensive easy-to-read shelf talker sign holder on all counters and shelves. This simple solution bypasses consumer conundrums with product information, pricing, sales info, and more, which helps build customer loyalty and consumer retention.

Want to announce a major sale or drive brand awareness as people pass your storefront? Consider customized banners and flags to hang outside your store.

No matter the size of your hardware store or department, our hardware store display racks, signs, accessories, and other retail merchandise will help you enhance your consumers’ shopping experience all while making an impressive, unmatched visual presentation. Contact our team with any questions. We’ll gladly assist you.

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Hardware Store Display Tips

The best way to drive the most traffic to your hardware store is to focus on displaying your products in the most “shoppable” way possible. For small tools and accessories, use slatwall merchandisers, gridwall fixtures, and dump bins. Create a clean display with shopPOPdisplays 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers to neatly separate different types of the same product like bolts, nuts, screws, hinges, and locks.

Create a stellar presentation with unique window displays and invest in portable displays that offer mobility with ease to keep your customers engaged in their shopping journey. Optimize space for smooth flowing traffic as it can be crowded inside most hardware stores due to a vast amount of inventory. Use our slatwall merchandisers to create compelling endcap displays that promote popular selling items at the end of each aisle. Below, are more ways to innovate and enhance your hardware store display racks to keep a look fresh and your shop competitive.

  • 4 Tray Tilt Shelf Display with Dividers for Organization: It's no secret that hardware stores are full of small, complex items that are often hard to differentiate. As a consumer, moving through all the sections of a hardware store can feel confusing and at times overwhelming. Which is why our 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers is perfect for displaying small items, tools, and accessories. Likewise, use our shelf talker sign holders to label products and help consumers promptly navigate through each display.
  • Dump Bins at the Cashwrap stocked with Popular Selling Must-Have Items: Merchandise top selling add-on items in dump bins near the checkout counter. From hand sanitizers to box cutters to lighters, put to-go items that everyone forgets they need in plain view before final purchases are made!
  • Slatwall Merchandisers for Eye-Catching Endcaps: Use our slatwall merchandisers to make compelling endcaps at the top and bottom of every aisle. With a wide assortment of hooks, trays, and bins you can easily create any type of display that best serves your business. From seasonal items like ice scrapers and shovels to everyday necessities like screwdrivers and paint brushes, promotional endcaps can boost sales.
  • Wire Racks for Add-ons: Our wire racks are a great display choice for complementary items like paint brushes and tape in the paint department or even sample cans of paint. Durable and wide, they can handle a substantial amount of weight and offer optimal amount of space for a wide-selection of shades and colors.
  • Wood Display Stands for Mid-Sized Tools & Household Needs: Our wooden display stands come in a variety of shapes in sizes, from displaying plungers to best-selling housewares, there is a broad range of use for these dynamic displays. Plus, they offer a farmhouse chic aesthetic that complements every décor.
  • Standout Signage on Every Aisle: Navigating a hardware store or hardware department comes with its unique set of challenges, which is why having customized signage in every aisle is so important. As consumers become familiar with your space, they will also learn to navigate your retail layout, which provides a fuss-free shopping experience.
  • Chalkboard Signs for Seasonal Promotions: Whether you are displaying them behind the cash wrap or on the sidewalk, chalkboard signs and complementary chalk markers are essential for any hardware store display. They help build awareness for seasonal sales and can convey a bit of personality to your consumers with festive drawings and messaging that can be changed at a moment’s notice.
  • Customized Flags & Banners to Drive Brand Awareness: At shopPOPdisplays we can help make your business stand out! Captivating, customized flags and banners help drive traffic to your storefront. Use flags and banners to notify consumers of product locations, what’s in stock or make them aware of a promotional sale—they’re sure to pique customer interest and excitement.
At shopPOPdisplays we provide the widest range of displays for hardware store display racks, signs, and shelving. If you have specific requirements, we are always ready to provide solutions as well as customized products. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!