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shopPOPdisplays understands how to properly supply department stores with point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-sale (POS) display products that make for creative, memorable, and effective visual merchandising. Whether it’s a home improvement outlet, a luxury retail department store, or a wholesale corporation, the appropriate department store display fixtures are crucial to your visual merchandising success. From product shelving, display signage, dump bins, shelf talkers, garment racks, professional signage to custom displays, all these essential department store display fixtures will allow your space to offer instant direction and engagement with your consumers. Contact our team for customized department store fixtures, signage, and more, contact our team. We’ll gladly assist you.

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Use Cases

shopPOPdisplays offers a wide-range of stock department store displays. We cover the full spectrum of visual merchandising, point-of-purchase (POP), and retail display items including department store display racks and department store display cases. At shopPOPdisplays we specialize in customized and stock retail displays in the following areas:

Product Shelves

At shopPOPdisplays we have a variety of department store shelves that work to craft beautiful displays in a department store setting. Below are some examples of popular choices used by major conglomerates.

  • Gridwall or Slat Wall Shelving: Our gridwall and slatwall shelves create plenty of space to promote merchandise. This is a popular choice for many department stores regardless of what type of items you may be selling.
  • Shelf Talker Sign Holder: Ideal for labeling merchandise, our shelf talker sign holders fit on most counters and shelves. Shelf talkers are constructed of durable, clear acrylic that allows barcodes to be visible through both sides. Designed with a long, secure body that fits the length of the surface that it rests on top of, shelf talker sign holders don’t require clips or attachments to stay in place. Our shelf talker sign holders are perfectly weighted for maximum stability. Great for all department stores.

Clothing Sections

shopPOPdisplays offers a variety of department store display racks that are both popular and effective methods for merchandising products, optimizing store space, and positioning garments in such a way that they effortlessly generate attention and profits.

  • 4-Way Garment Rack: Equipped with two faceout and two waterfall arms, this garment rack provides an excellent organization and display opportunity for various clothing items and merchandise.
  • 2-Way Garment Rack: An ideal way to display gorgeous clothing pieces, accessories, and other merchandise.

Checkout Register

At shopPOPdisplays we know that the checkout counter is a great place to display enticing merchandise to prompt consumers to make impulsive last minute purchases. It is also an ideal place for consumers and employees to connect. To help engage customers and build consumer loyalty safely and effectively here are a few department store display items that will work well near the busy check out area:

  • Dump bins: Elegant containers designed to optimally display bulk retail products. Our floor standing and countertop dump bins neatly present smaller products while maximizing surface and floor space. Encourage impulse buys near registers or complement larger displays by featuring add-on or upsell items like accessories.
  • Sneeze Guards/Barriers: Retail counter sneeze guards effortlessly sit on your counter and checkout with no drilling or permanent installation required. This barrier is made from durable acrylic material and assembles quickly without tools. It is ideal for retail environments, providing a clear and solid separation between customers and employees, allowing them to engage while practicing safe social distancing.
  • Basket Displays: Using basket displays near the checkout opens the door to highlight and promote an unlimited variety of merchandise that might otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Department Store Display Cases: Perfect for propping up products behind the cash register, department store display cases are a multipurpose option to house novelty goods, collector’s edition, or in-demand items that may be limited in quantity and can be displayed in an inaccessible yet visible space to entice consumer loyalists.

Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms play an essential role in a department store’s display strategy. Key elements to a properly merchandised fitting room include appropriate lighting, mirrors, and information available. Below are a few display fixture ideas to place in your department store’s fitting room.

  • Magazine rack: Our convertible brochure and magazine rack display will add warmth to your dressing room while displaying magazines, brochures, and cross-promotional materials. Clear acrylic front panels allow full view of literature for quick reference. Removable inserts keep contents neat and orderly, allowing you to display one magazine or two brochures per pocket. This can help elevate and boost your department store’s product by allowing your customers to peruse inventory that may not be readily available in store but can be easily ordered.
  • 3-Tier Display Table: A clever spot to insert some extra merchandise in an unexpected place is to position our beautiful 3-tier display table to your fitting room. Simply add accessories and garments that may accentuate or enhance the outfit choices of your consumer when trying on merchandise in your department store’s dressing room.


What are displays called in retail stores?

Retail product displays are divided into three categories: standalone and point-of-purchase (POP) displays, store shelving displays, and clothing and furniture displays. shopPOPdisplays offers an expansive inventory of these products to satisfy needs across the retail industry.

What is retail shelving?

Retail shelving is also referred to as shop shelving or store shelving. It includes a variety of display units, retail fixtures, and gondolas. Retailers and suppliers use these shelves and fixtures to display and promote merchandise and inventory to gain shopper attention and boost sales.

What is the difference between a department store and a retail store?

Department stores and retail stores are similar concepts within the shopping experience. Department stores often stock and sell a brand or company brand of goods in different category departments and is usually located in one location or as part of a mall. Retail stores offer many brands and a variety of products within one location but usually have many locations under the same brand and management.


Custom Department Store Display Examples

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