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The greenhouse industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and with more and more households interested in sustainable and responsible farming, organic gardening, and DIY landscaping like planting flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs and other plants, greenhouses are trending and they’re not just for retail home and landscaping merchandise. Greenhouses are being utilized as yoga studios, artist workrooms, craft shops, outdoor dining, and event spaces. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. Regardless of greenhouse use, organization is key for optimizing space and shopPOPdisplays has the greenhouse displays and complementary in-stock and customizable accessories to outfit your greenhouse.
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Greenhouse Display Tips That Bring in Sales!

Gardening is a popular hobby for many Americans, with data showing that 25 percent of households in the U.S. plant flowers, plants and/or vegetables each year, and $2.5 billion is spent annually on gardening supplies and tools. So it’s not surprising that greenhouse sales have risen steadily in recent years and are expected to grow at a rate of 6 percent between now and 2027.
And let’s not forget that some are utilizing greenhouses for other types of businesses, including yoga studios, artist workshops, and event spaces. No matter how you’re using your greenhouse, an important step to help it stand apart from the rest is setting up greenhouse displays that are both practical and eye-catching.
At shopPOPdisplays, we have what you need to do just that—a variety of greenhouse displays that will keep your items clean and organized. In addition, our fully customizable accessories will help to advertise your brand and inspire impulse buying and repeat purchases.

Wood Crates

Stack these set of three nested crates to create an eye-catching greenhouse display for plants and flowers (and other items). They come in a variety of stain colors and can even mount on the walls to clear up floor space for additional inventory. Consider these rustic greenhouse risers.

Octagonal Four Piece Pedestal Set

Available in cherry or oak, you can place seasonal plants around the space, or simply use them to set up signage to announce sales, upcoming events and more. Our collection of chalkboard signs are perfect for carrying out a rustic theme throughout your greenhouse.

Wood Vendor Carts

How cute are these carts? Best of all, they’re functional, too! This one allows you to place hanging plants on the angled roof while filling the base with other blooms, while the flower display cart boasts wheelbarrow-style wheels so you can easily move it around the greenhouse. And this cart has a chalkboard sign on top for personalization.

Tiered Wooden Display

The three-tier wood crate can hold a variety of products that can be easily found since the display is on a slight incline, keeping all of your merchandise within sight. It’s also on casters so it can be moved around as needed. Seasonal special, anyone?
Although not on wheels, the 4 tray tilt shelf display with dividers is a great option to keep smaller objects organized, while nine basket display is study enough for bulk items.

Wooden Shelf Open Display

Keep everything organized with the four-shelf open display, which is crafted in real wood and available in oak and cherry. Looking for a smaller option? Take a look at the three-shelf option, designed so that products can be accessed from all four sides.

Floral Displays

If you’re offering premade floral bouquets, store them in a 3 Vase or 6 Vase Floral Display. Arrangements will stay fresh and be easy for customers to access.

Wall Mounted Sign Holder

Save space on counter and floors with a wall mounted sign holder. Simply slide your sign into the top of the frame and secure to your walls with the included hardware.
If you don’t want to mount anything to the walls, you can use an Acrylic Window Sign Holders with Suction Cups that will stay mounted securely until removed. Another option is a Floor Standing Sign Holder that can be moved around to make room for other items when needed.

Acrylic Risers

There’s so much you can do with an acrylic riser. This Cylinder Riser can hold small individual plants, while you can create a beautiful greenhouse display with a set of three Clear Round Acrylic Risers or mix it up with the Square option or the Z riser. Looking to add some color to your retail location? We have your greenhouse risers in colors including fluorescent pink and fluorescent green, as well as accent colors of blue, yellow and orange. Not exactly what you had in mind? No problem, order risers in custom colors, logo, and more.

5 Shelf Round Knockdown Display

There are plenty of customization options with this on-the-go display. An ideal eye-catching greenhouse riser for succulents, novelties, and the like.

Slatwall Hooks

Keep inventory or other items organized and off the floor with a variety of these hooks, which come in different sizes and finishes.