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One of the most common methods of travel is through public transit and as every traveler knows, it is imperative to have prominent and clear transportation displays and signage when taking to the road and rails. Transportation centers can be hectic environments that require clear signage to accurately inform travelers of bus/train terminal information! As crowded as public transit centers can be, it also involves quite a bit of waiting. It is best to create a clean and comfortable waiting area the transportation center. Convenient and accommodating furniture like our light oak quadruple sled base sofa, as well as complementary literature holders to provide travelers with informative and entertaining reads such as our 3 tier convertible pamphlet holder, and mandatory directional signage to be displayed in our acrylic floor standing poster stands or 5.5 x 8.5 wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder are essential transportation center display staples. At shopPOPdisplays we have a line of transportation displays that will help create a transit center that is organized, clean and efficient. Contact our team with any questions or for more information.

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Transportation Center Display Ideas

The most effective way to produce a thriving public transit center is to focus on displaying clear signage, while creating the most accommodating environment for travelers as they wait for their train or bus ride. At shopPOPdisplays we have a line of transportation center displays to help create a clean, organized, and efficient transit space.



Utilizing clear, effective signage is paramount to a successful transit center. Using a variety of sign holders from shopPOPdisplays will ensure an organized, bustling travel haven. Consider our acrylic floor standing poster stands for displaying terminal maps or our 5.5 x 8.5 wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder to distinguish and sign individual train and bus terminals and restroom areas, so travelers can successfully navigate the transit center. Another popular sign option for public transit centers includes our 22 x 28 floating acrylic wall frame with metal standoffs, a prime choice for displaying terminal maps and advertisement sponsorship.


Waiting Area Furniture

Since travelling also includes waiting time, creating a clean and comfortable lobby/reception area is key! Our line of waiting area furniture can help your travelers relax as they await their bus or train. Our light oak quadruple sled base sofa and light oak single standard leg chair with arms are ideal seating choices.


Literature Holders

Waiting often entails reading, whether on your smartphone or print materials. Provide travelers with informative and entertaining reading material to make the wait more tolerable. This is where literature holders come into play. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a collection of literature holders, such as a 3 tier convertible pamphlet holder, which is ideal for holding train and bus schedules and a 4 pocket newspaper stand for holding newspapers conveniently positioned next to the nearest snack kiosk.


Custom Banners & Flags

Another effective idea for advertising or to raise traveler awareness is to create custom banners and flags at the public transit center. For example, our 31.5"w display banner with L-frame single-sided custom print can hang within the grand entrance upon arrival, proudly promoting the transit center's brand.


Whether hung from the exterior to attract street view attention or custom make banners and flags for specific terminals, this will assist travelers locate where they need to be while also advertising your public transit center's brand.


Portable Pedestals

Whether you choose portable pedestals within the waiting area or positioned near the lines of each terminal, travelers are always looking for a temporary space to get work done or take a phone call and write a note. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a popular line of portable pedestals that serve as temporary work stations, an impromptu ledge to place a snack or beverage, all while providing travelers with convenient accommodations.


At shopPOPdisplays, we carry a wide variety of transportation displays and transportation signage. View our selection and order today! If you have specific requirements, we are always ready to provide custom-sized or custom-printed products, so contact us today.