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Concession Stand Displays & Signs

With the right displays, your concession stand can tantalize customers before they even realize they're hungry. At shopPOPdisplays, we offer industry-focused displays that will help you to sell more food and drinks by showcasing your offerings in a way that captures a customer's attention. Take a look at our wide selection of signage, candy displays, banners, and silverware holders. Contact us today if you'd like custom sizing!
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What Items Should I Sell at Concession Stands?

The best items to sell at a concession stand depends on the event that will be taking place. For most events, popcorn, burgers, french fries, and nachos are top-sellers that are simple to make. Other events, like carnivals, may have a higher demand for cotton candy, fried foods and even turkey legs.

What is the Most Profitable Concession Stand Food?

It's generally accepted that cotton candy, popcorn, nachos, and flavored ice products are the most profitable items at a concession stand. Most of these products can be sold at a profit margin that is higher than 80 percent. However, don't forget to stock a variety of food - if you only stock the most profitable items, competitors with unique offerings may drum up more business in general.

Which Concessions Sell Well at Festivals?

Festivals attract large groups of people to a venue that is typically outdoors. For this reason, it's recommended to sell bottled beverages such as water, juice, and energy drinks. If the festival takes place on a hot day, consider stocking ice cream or shaved ice. To satisfy hungry attendees, consider stocking profitable foods like popcorn, fried dough, pizza, french fries, and nachos.