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It may sound strange but it's important that sign shops not forget about sign shop displays. There's one thing every brick-and-mortar business has in common: They all need signage to promote their services, showcase special products, keep customers informed—and that's just the beginning. With that in mind, sign shops can play a vital role in helping companies of all sizes fulfill their goals. The global sign market grew from $108.25 billion in 2021 to $115.1 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3 percent.

In order to thrive, sign shops need to be able to display their inventory, which is where sign shop displays come into play. ShopPOPdisplays offers a variety of options for showcasing signs of assorted sizes and styles. From wall mounted and countertop signs to poster stands and easels, there are plenty of creative ways to make your products stand out. We also have different sign holders to fit various needs. Elevate your signage with customization options. It's a shopPOPdisplays specialty. Contact us with any questions or for more information. We'll gladly assist you.

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Sign Shop Display Ideas

Wall mounted sign holders, such as the 11 x 17 wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holder, can showcase your own products for an effective sign shop display without taking up any floor space. Looking for something a bit flashier? Check out our 11 x 17 snap frame led light box, which can make anything placed in it pop. ShopPOPdisplays also has floating acrylic wall frame with metal standoffs in different sizes, which are crafted with two sheets of durable, clear acrylic to beautifully showcase your photos and signage.

Floor standing signs – like our acrylic floor standing poster stand – placed strategically around your storefront is a great way to show off your inventory. We also have metal options, including the 22 x 28 chrome poster stand with flat base, the chrome metal poster stands with open base, and the chrome metal display stand with two tiers.

Countertop signs can add some character to your sign shop displays. Our 6-inch x 8.25-inch countertop chalkboard sign gives off rustic charm vibes to your space, with a slant back design with matte black front and glossy black back. It's also easy to maintain and can be reused over and over. Pair with removable chalk markers and you're all set!

If chalkboard isn't your thing, we also have plenty of additional countertop sign options, including the 11x14 top loading double sided premium break-resistant sign holder and the 7x5.5 slant back acrylic sign holder. You can also place your sign shop displays on the 4 x 6 acrylic easel with sign holder and the 3.5 x 5 acrylic easel with sign holder. if you'd prefer something simpler, take a look at our selection of acrylic upright easels.

ShopPOPdisplays has an array of sign holders, such as the 1.5" acrylic block sign holder, which is perfect for displaying smaller signs or pricing. Our shelf talker acrylic sign holders fit on most counters and shelves, which are constructed of durable, clear acrylic that even allows barcodes to be seen through both sides.

Don't forget to check out our multi panel sign holders, which enable you to show off multiple products. Some options include the 11x8.5 two-sided tent style sign holder, the 4x6 six-sided acrylic sign holder, and the 5x7 three sided acrylic sign holder.

And our acrylic window sign holders feature commercial quality suction cups that reliably stick to non-porous surfaces like glass and tile. It saves on floor space while looking modern and stylish.