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While funeral homes aren't a popular place to be, it provides a necessary service. For those in the industry, their businesses are expected to grow in the coming years due to the introduction of new products and services, expansion of existing funeral homes and new funeral homes, and the growth in the senior citizen population. As a result, the funeral homes and funeral services market is expected to grow by $27.82 billion during 2021-2025. With this demand, comes the need for funeral home furnishings and funeral home displays.

If you own or manage a funeral home—or are considering opening one—you will undoubtedly want to explore ways to make your location as warm and well-organized so that family and friends feel comfortable there during one of their most challenging times. One way to accomplish this is through the use of funeral home displays and funeral home signs.

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Funeral home signage will make it easier for visitors to find their way around your location – appropriate rooms, especially if you hold multiple services at the same time. Once inside, you'll also need funeral signs to guide people to the guest book, inform them of the schedule of services, and share any information about the deceased or the family's wishes.

Lectern podiums and pulpits are funeral home displays needed to give speakers a place to stand during a prayer or memorial service at your funeral home.

Literature holders are an important funeral home display, offering a place for brochures that can detail your business's services, as well as hold prayers cards that mourners can take with them, memorial donation envelopes, and card holders.

Comfortable furniture is also crucial to make sure guests have a place to sit and talk with one another easily.

For more information and ideas for funeral home displays and funeral home signs please contact our customer service team. We'll gladly assist you.

Funeral Home Display Ideas

Signage plays an important role for any business, and funeral home signs are no different. Our acrylic floor standing poster stand can guide visitors to the correct room, which is especially important if your funeral home holds more than one service at a time. Wall mounted signs, such as the wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder, can be placed outside the various viewing rooms, as well as the restrooms.

Once inside the viewing room, countertop signs—like shopPOPdisplays' bottom loading plastic sign holder—can be placed near the guest book, as well on tables around the area to inform guests of any family requests such as memorial donations.

In addition to an officiant speaking at the funeral home, friends and family might want to share a few words. Our mahogany wood floor standing lectern with one shelf is attractive and durable, with a full-size reading surface, shelf, and paper/ book stop built in. It also comes in three colors to best blend in with the room's décor.

The mahogany 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder can showcase brochures for your funeral home that clients can take with them if needed. You can also offer information from other local businesses, including counseling services. And the mahogany 9 pocket tiered wood business card holder can store your own business cards, and might also be able to house prayer cards, depending on size.

Of course, making sure visitors are comfortable during their time at your business is critical. Our light oak triple sled base sofa is stylish, economical, and comfortable—and built to last. It also comes in a medium oak wood finish, as well as six designer fabrics with Teflon stain-repellent finish. You should also consider a few medium oak single standard leg chair with arms, as well as the light oak single seat bench.