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The average person owns around 19 pairs of shoes and buys about four new pairs each year. Those are promising statistics for everyone in the footwear industry building a business off the consumer habit that for some doubles as a guilty pleasure. While product selection and a solid marketing plan are great tools for drawing people in, it’s the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives coupled with the engaging and organized shoe store displays that convert sales once they’ve stepped foot inside - shopPOPdisplays can help with the latter (and our own stellar customer service team).

Whether your store focuses on trends or practicality, luxury price points or bargain deals, a wide variety of styles or a more exclusive range, shopPOPdisplays has everything you need to create shoe store displays that highlight the best assets of your inventory while creating a shopper-friendly environment and making the most of your retail space.

Our team will help you determine the best ways to utilize freestanding slatwalls, how to emphasize products with acrylic stands and even work with you on creating customized shoe store signs that promote sales or collection launches. Are you looking to cross-sell products like jewelry, bags and sunglasses? shopPOPdisplays has a variety of options specifically designed to showcase each of those categories. Want to stage your store in a way that’s more interactive and easier to access products? There’s sure to be something in our assortment of table displays and pedestals that fits the look and feel you’re going for.

Contact us directly to utilize our signature custom printing and engraving services in order to create the most engaging shoe store displays.

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Use Cases:

  • Cross-selling: No shoe store displays are complete without accessories, which can range from coordinating handbags to arch-support insoles, depending on the type of inventory you carry. Socks can be placed in dump bins near the checkout line to entice shoppers already on their way to make a purchase, while shopPOPdisplays’ assortment of jewelry stands perfectly showcases earrings, rings, and necklaces. Slatwalls can be easily customized with different types of hooks and brackets to neatly organize lanyards, bags or hats.
  • Promotions: Whether you’re looking to attract attention to a special sale at the entrance or want to highlight permanent clearance areas in the back, shopPOPdisplays has the shoe store signage you need to communicate promotions clearly and effectively to shoppers, so they can browse with reduced prices in mind. Shelf talker displays come in a variety of sizes to help advertise everyday low prices in comparison to competitors, and free standing signs can be easily moved around the store and customized to create buzz about different discounts. Maybe you have a rewards program that allows shoppers to gain access to offers, perks and exclusives - our assortment of brochure holders sit atop the cashier counter in shoppers’ eye-line and hold within them information shoppers will want to read when becoming members.
  • Online Pick Up: Buying shoes online and picking them up in the store has become an increasingly popular way to shop as customers choose to do their browsing from the comfort of their own homes but aren’t willing to wait as long for shipping. It’s a smart service to offer; you’ll just want to make sure shoppers know where to go once they arrive, and our shoe store signage can help with that. Hanging signs above the pick-up area is a great way to draw attention from afar, while floor standing signs in the aisles can point people in the right direction. Customized display banners can even inform in-store shoppers of the convenience of the service they might not have known you offer.
  • Organization: The way your shoe store displays are organized can easily make or break the shopping experience, which can lead to an increase or decrease in sales. You’ll want to create a smooth traffic flow and place coordinating or like items together in a way that makes sense from a shopper’s perspective. Choose from our collection of table displays which can be arranged to spotlight your seasonal selection, signature best sellers, or coordinating bags. Moveable gridwalls can be used to change up the traffic pattern and our range of bases, brackets and connectors allow you to customize them with ease. Neatly organized shelves arranged by shoe size help shoppers locate what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Staging: The visual aspect of shoe store displays is what will really draw the customer in and make them excited about purchases, which is why staging is so important. Our selection of risers create dimension within the store, whether they’re placed on shelves or tables, and ensure all the different shoe styles are easy to view. Pedestals create a spotlight-effect, which is great for singling out a specific pair of shoes that you deem worthy of more recognition. Campaign photos and posters can also help tell a compelling story about latest seasonal collection releases.

Shoe Store Display Ideas:

Select one or more of these simple shoe store display tips to boost sales!

  • Slatwall - An absolute necessity for shoe store displays, slatwalls are so versatile and can easily be adapted to showcase all sorts of inventory, while offering endless design combinations. Customize yours with our acrylic shoe display pieces which will offer a slanted profile view of sneakers, or opt for nearly any color hook to organize socks and other hanging merchandise, like insoles or lanyards. You can display hats on slatwalls with the right racks, feature shoes on acrylic, wired or melamine slatwall shelves, and even add sign holders to make the double-sided or H-shaped slatwalls more appealing. Some stores may opt to trace the checkout line or separate registers with theirs, while others can benefit from using them for displaying jewelry or handbags.
  • Retail shelving - Whether you’re looking to organize shoe boxes or stage shoes and accessories without their packaging, shopPOPdisplays has a range of retail shelving to suit your needs. Open wooden shelves are the perfect blank canvas for setting up shoe store displays that allow style to really shine, while tilted ones allow you to separate open boxes by size within a clearance section. Acrylic shelves offer a sleek and modern look best for fashion-first stores, while wire racks are great for athletic shoe stores, as they convey a sporty aesthetic. The wheels on the rolling option allow you to move it about the store easily when re-organizing, too.
  • Dump bins - Acrylic dump bins that sit atop the counter or cash wrap are great for organizing small items like hair accessories, face masks, shoe care essentials and deodorizers. Since they’re clear, they make it easy to see what’s inside from every angle, which helps catch customers’ attention and leads to impulse purchasing of smaller ticket items.
  • Shoe risers/ acrylic risers - Creating dimension in your shoe store displays plays a pivotal part in ensuring they’re appealing and that the merchandise really stands out and is easy to view. shopPOPdisplays offers a range of acrylic risers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your store’s aesthetic. Shoe risers have a ledge that keeps the shoe heel perfectly in place, while interlocking types offer platforms for coordinating accessories or different colors of the same style.
  • Signage - Shoe store signage is important for conveying messages and a specific aesthetic to customers immediately upon entry. Available in metal and acrylic, floor standing sign holders professionally communicate current sales and can be used to showcase best-selling or new styles. Wall mounted sign holders and poster frames showcase campaign photos that enhance the visual vibe of your store. You can also use them to help customers decode any color systems you have in place for clearance items.
  • Jewelry displays - Some of the most meticulous, fashion-forward customers aim to match their jewelry back to the hardware on your shoes and handbags, which makes for a great cross-sell opportunity. shopPOPdisplays offers earring, ring and bracelet displays that look appealing and keep those small items organized and easy to browse.
  • Tables and pedestals - It’s safe to say that nearly every shoe store utilizes tables or pedestals (or a combination of both) to create perfectly staged inventory that draws the eye. Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose from wooden, acrylic or tiered tables to create visually appealing shoe store displays featuring seasonal styles or new launches. Acrylic pedestals come in a variety of colors and finishes, and some even have LED lights to really accentuate the products you want to stand out the most.