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Antique shopping is on the rise. Not only is scouring antique shops a wonderful way to find hidden gems and treasures, but it’s also a way for consumers to get around the current supply chain issues plaguing both shoppers and retailers. If you own a store that offers a variety of options for sale, then the antique store displays you choose will play a crucial role in keeping your location organized and inviting for both expert and novice antique shoppers. shopPOPdisplays has an assortment of antique store display options and ideas to transform your retail location. Select stock antique store displays or customize and personalize your choices with the help of our customer service team. Not sure where to get started? A few antique store display ideas include display stands, pedestals, acrylic risers, slatwalls, wood barrels, and more.

Display stands are a terrific way to place a spotlight on special items in your antique store. shopPOPdisplays has a variety of jewelry display stands to show off the vintage pieces in your inventory, and we also carry locking cabinets for valuable merchandise. Pedestals are an eye-catching addition to your antique store displays, with shopPOPdisplays offering them in a variety of colors to match your shop’s décor. You can also have the best of both worlds with a display case that sits on a pedestal to show off delicate, fragile, or rare items. There are even designs that can be mounted onto the wall to save floor space. Acrylic risers in different shapes and sizes will allow you to perfectly customize your antique store displays to fit your needs and overall aesthetic. Choose from cylinder, u-shaped, z-shaped, step and more. Slatwall displays can showcase inventory while also saving space around the store. Cubes showcase loose goods on a slatwall display in a clear acrylic cube, which will make for easy viewing while keeping everything organized. Open front bins have deep pockets to hold plenty of items. Compartment slatwall bins can hold a variety of products and can be set up to create several unique displays. Mix and match between two, three, four and six compartments.

Keep loose items organized and easy to find with dump bins, including the acrylic adjustable dump bin display with removable dividers, the acrylic 5-sided box with removable divider, or the large acrylic 4 compartment dump bin. Wood barrels are also a fun way to store individual items and are unique addition to your antique store displays. Our false bottom cedar wood barrels and three nested pine crates add charm to any space and come in a variety of colors. Mix and match them throughout your antique store or assign colors to specific areas to make merchandise easier to find. Wall mounted signs are also essential antique store displays. They guide your customers to different areas of your store, while countertop signage –like this chalkboard option – can detail prices and fun facts about select pieces. And don’t forget about floor standing signs that can showcase new inventory arrivals, as well as customizable banners and flags for both the inside and outside of your location.

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