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With the right retail candy case display, you can tantalize customers from the second they peek in the window and see all the amazing acrylic shapes and colors that await them in the candy display cases throughout your store. At shopPOPdisplays, we offer industry-focused candy displays that will help you draw in candy lovers of all ages by showcasing your offerings in a way that captures their attention and makes purchasing a bite or bulk candy irresistible. From standard acrylic candy display cases and candy bins to custom-designed whole-store experiences, our designers can offer you expert advice on standard products as well as help you create the whimsical space of your dreams, even at a wholesale level of pricing. Check out what we did for the iconic Dylan's Candy Bar, and browse our selection of standard retail candy display products and candy store supplies below. If you have something unique in mind for your candy display and aren't seeing it here, just contact us! We'll make happen.
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Putting the "Wow! Factor" Back Into an Iconic Brand's Retail Candy Display

Client Challenge: Design a durable, adaptable candy store display with "wow factor" befitting a dynamic brand.

Our Solution: A flexible, stylish, easily remerchandised display unit that reduces inventory lost to breakage and increases sales per square foot

People remembered the lollipop tree fixture at Dylan's Candy Bar, but the time had come to rethink it to make it more useful, adaptable, secure and durable, and to add an unmistakable punch of color and whimsey to its retail candy store display at every location. The company wanted it to stand out visually but remain flexible enough to easily switch out supplies and featured merchandise without damaging either the candy or the candy display itself. They also wanted it to work well with the standard retail candy display cases and shelves that rounded out the store design.

Our first thought? "A super fun challenge!" Our second? "A tree filled with candy… hmm..." So, of course our designers dove right in. Not only were we interested in retaining aspects of the beloved fixture as a central part of the overall candy store design aesthetic, we undertook a serious mission to overhaul it with an eye to making the candy display more stable, easily remerchandised, and capable of safely accommodating considerably more product and supplies than the original.

The design engineers first had to address the structural and visual augmentations that would enable the fixture to be central to the overall design aesthetic of the candy store display. They generated several candy display design iterations based on original features, adding enhancements, increasing stability, and facilitating simpler maintenance and merchandise replenishment. We employed large-scale 3D rapid printing technology for prototyping and production, along with digital printing and vacuum forming.

Et voilà! Design elements that made the final candy display design included the use of negative space to balance a sense of fullness with openness to encourage "quick grab" impulse buying, a narrow footprint and tiered approach allowing for maximum selling in minimal space, and locking wheels for additional stability and ease of movement. And, the enhanced retail candy store display is capable of merchandising nearly three times its weight safely.

Not showcasing its signature Whirly Pops was never an option for Dylan's Candy Bar. With the new retail candy display in place, they're selling more lollipops than ever and losing much less stock to breakage—a delicious result for everyone involved. When Dylan's saw the initial designs for the reimaged fixture, they called it "close to perfection." Their team described us as persistent and said that we delivered as well as we pitched. We didn't oversell our capabilities, and we over-delivered on their expectations. And so, the collaboration continues...