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Whether you're preparing to participate as a first-time vendor at your local craft fair or you're a seasoned pro looking to up the ante on your previous craft show displays, shopPOPdisplays has everything you need to highlight your meticulously handmade merchandise in the enticing and organized necessary to convert sales.

It doesn't matter if you specialize in ceramic dishware, metalwork sculptures, personalized jewelry, or intricately loomed blankets, presentation is always the key to success, so your craft fair displays must be as visually appealing as they are convenient to assemble, collapse, and transport. While our array of pedestals, tables, and risers can be arranged for eye-catching dimension, our range of collapsible, portable, flat-pack, ready to assemble (RTA), and knock-down (KD) display options also make carrying and storing a breeze.

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Craft show signage is also a necessary part of memorable branding. Customers should be initially drawn to the professional way your logo is advertised and walk away remembering your business's name. From banners and flags to sign holders and poster stands, our selection of merchandisers ensures you stand out in a bustling venue while preventing your business from being forgotten. At shopPOPdisplays, we're known for customization solutions, which help garner even more traction at your stand, leading to increased impulse and repeat buys. Consider cost-efficient, budget friendly logo and name customization for your craft show displays for even more impact. Check out our Woodland Park Collection for unforgettable (and customizable) functional display designs – the ultimate craft show display merchandisers.

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Craft Fair Display Ideas

You're looking for innovative solutions for how to improve your current craft show displays or perhaps you're building them from scratch. Either way, shopPOPdisplays has ideas for ways you can use our sturdy yet convenient merchandise to make the most of your craft fair stand, no matter what you're selling.

Portable Flat-Packed Displays - Setting up and breaking down your craft show displays shouldn't be a battle, and neither should transport or storing them between fairs. That's where our collapsible flat-pack merchandise, which are easily disassembled and reassembled, comes in handy. Choose from our selection of pedestals, stacking baskets, and riser sets to save time and energy on the day of the fair as well as space in your car and storage unit afterward.

Woodland Park Collection - If you're looking for collapsible solutions that offer a charming or rustic feel, turn to shopPOPdisplays' Woodland Park Collection - it includes sturdy environmentally friendly composite wood display units that conveniently don't require tools to assemble. The wooden counter is suitable for setting up your merchandise, displays and register, while the wooden floor standing display with headboard and floor standing slatwall display beautifully showcase products and can be customized with your logo for cost-effective brand building.

Pop-up Counters - Lightweight yet sturdy, pop-up counters, also known as knock-down (KD) counters, flat-pack, portable, collapsible, and ready to assemble (RTA), are also completely customizable and easy to put together, making them an ideal element of craft fair displays. Use them to get memorable branding across to your customers, including your logo featured among colorful imagery that tells a story.

Craft Show Signage - When using displays to stand out at a craft fair, an indisputably important component is branding, so you'll need proper signage. Customizable and attention-grabbing, retractable banners and flags travel well and take minimal effort to store. shopPOPdisplays offers floor standing sign holders (including acrylic and metal poster stands) that will present your craft fair signage in a professional and appealing way. You can even use any of our acrylic sign holders to convey messages like pricing, background information about your business, and techniques used to create your products.

Tables - A simple concept and reliable constant in craft fair displays, tables help build a solid foundation for showcasing everything from soaps, scents, and candles to leather goods, wooden trinkets, and glass-blown vases. Our portable acrylic table is easy to build and break down, while our nesting tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. shopPOPdisplays even has fabric table covers which better stage your products and can be customized with your logo or business name for an elevated professional look.

Display pedestals - A surefire trick for drawing customers' attention is to raise products to their eye line. Pedestals will help achieve this goal. Plus, they give the perception that something is important and exclusive. Our portable and collapsible pedestals are convenient, affordable, and versatile (find out more about how they make life easier here), while our outdoor display pedestals are weather and scratch-resistant, making them both smart choices for craft show displays.

Jewelry displays - No matter if you specialize in creating earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, or all the above, shopPOPdisplays' merchandise allows you to display your handmade jewelry proudly in an elevated and visually appealing manner that prompts customers to take a closer look. You can choose from our larger pieces like the twine necklace bust and locking watch display case, or smaller scale items like single pair earring display kits and one finger ring displays. Check out our blog post for more tips on how to create eye-catching jewelry displays at craft shows.

Display boxes and cases - Planning to feature fragile items like ceramic and glass products in your craft fair displays? Keep them safe and protected but still perfectly in view inside our locking lid acrylic boxes or boxes with bases. Available in plenty of colors and sizes, shopPOPdisplays' five-sided acrylic boxes can just as easily act as a cover or be used to elevate products for a dimensional effect.

Acrylic risers - Speaking of dimension, our assortment of acrylic risers can instantly elevate your craft show displays, physically and figuratively. Acrylic blocks create the perfect platform for special pieces, lifting them closer to the consumer and highlighting them from every angle. Instead of laying everything flat, which can visually overwhelm customers, try separating products on U-shaped risers to control where the eye should go. Differing heights create interest by breaking things up and causing people to pause.

Literature holders - Depending on your craft and expertise, you may have brochures brimming with information on how to care for your products, the history and expertise that went into making them, and any customer service related FAQs. Our pamphlet holders allow you to display them neatly on the counter, directly in view. Also, giving out business cards is great for networking and helps people remember you and your products after the fair is over - our business card displays will showcase yours professionally and entice people to grab one.

Your craft fair signage and craft show displays must be as beautiful as the products you're selling to truly do them (and your business as a whole) justice. Using any combination of the functional and stylish products above will ensure more foot traffic and sales.