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Pet Store Displays & Fixtures

When it comes to your pet store, having the right signage and pet store displays in place is essential to successfully guiding your animal-loving consumers to the register. From basket displays, dump bins, and assorted types of shelving you’ll need a good mix of versatile pet store fixtures to properly showcase all your merchandise. As a pet store owner or manager, you know your expansive inventory includes an assortment of unique products including pet food, treats, toys, beds, fish tanks, litter, collars, leashes, harnesses, and the list goes on and on. These varying items call for an array of display sizes and solutions with strength and flexibility. No need to worry, shopPOPdisplays has a wide selection of pet store displays and fixtures to ensure that you create the optimal shop layout you’ve always wanted.
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Subcategories in Pet Store Displays & Fixtures


Use Cases:

Think outside the box to drive sales in your pet store or department. Here, a few ideas.

  • Leashes & Collars: As one of the most sought after items inside a pet store, it’s important to have leashes and collars displayed in plain sight, so they can easily be snatched up and purchased. Consider displaying these coveted collars near your shop’s entrance in a multipurpose basket display arranged by color and size. This will make it easy for your consumer to find exactly what they are looking for while keeping your merchandise neat and organized.
  • Loose Toys: Another absolute must-have item in the life of a pet owner is having the right toys for their fur babies. Consider strategically placing pet toys around your store in clear acrylic dump bins that can be stationed on countertops or other retail shelving in a variety of locations and aisles. Pet shop fixture like dump bins are wonderful to keep toys organized and are transparent to offer easy navigation and optical visibility to consumers perusing your aisles.
  • Food & Treat Displays: The actual bread and butter of the pet industry is a fine selection of delicious food and treats for your favorite little critters. A perfect choice for pet store display for showcasing these delicacies is a wire display rack with a sign holder. This is a favorite pet store fixture for many shops across the board because they can be easily repositioned and hold a diverse amount of food from large 50+ pound bags to small biscuit containers, there is room to fit pet snacks of all shapes and sizes. Also, the sign holder feature easily directs your consumer to the exact type of food they need.
  • End Caps: When creating end caps for your pet store display, it’s important to keep in mind that you often are highlighting a mixed variety of goods that will be eye catching to the consumer. End caps are strategically placed at the end of aisles right in plain sight of a consumer. Trinkets, toys, squeakers, treats, and other furry gizmos that make great add-on purchases are ideal for this type of pet store fixture. When creating end caps in your pet store display using a slatwall merchandiser with slatwall hooks is an excellent choice due to its portability and adjustability. Display items on these walls and simply change out the hooks to accommodate for a variety of package sizes and weight.
  • Fish Supplies: Enhance your selling environment for your underwater friends! Typically, pet stores have a separate section for their aquariums and it usually is either in a separate room or towards the back of the store. Due to this location it is extra important to have stand out signage in place to direct your customers and increase sales. Also, most fish tanks are made of premium acrylic and can be custom made to fit the need of your specific space, consider a custom tank for housing all of your fish for a more impressive display. You can also capture the eyes of your consumer by adorning the walls of this underwater world with basket displays that show off tank accessories, food pellets, and special lights.

Ways to Create Eye-Catching Visual Displays in Your Pet Store

Cleverly arrange compelling visual displays inside of your pet store with multifaceted pet store displays and fixtures that show off all the must-have goods your pet needs to thrive!

  • Countertop Displays: Showoff the latest trending gizmos, gadgets, and treats for your customer’s favorite critter upon checkout with countertop displays. The perfect companion for the cash wrap is an enticing space to put last minute add-on purchases that can’t be missed upon checking out.
  • Slatwalls: A versatile way for you to create end caps at the end of each aisle, use a slatwall merchandiser with slatwall hooks to prominently display hot selling items like leashes, harnesses, popular chew toys, vitamins and more!
  • Basket Displays: Adorn the perimeters of your shop with top-selling bulk items such as rawhides, bones, bedding accessories, grooming toiletries, toys, and packaged treats. Don’t forget to hang great signage above these displays to help your consumer easily navigate their search.
  • Dump Bins: Practical for any miscellaneous item such as health supplements, grooming tools, water bottles, and collars, dump bins are adjustable and transparent, which will help your customers find coveted pet accessories. They are also adjustable, so you can place them wherever space will allow.
  • Shelf-Talkers: As a pet store owner you must know that prices are competitive, which is exactly why you should show off your unmatched deals on every aisle with our shelf-talkers. Allow your consumers to easily scan prices that wow them. Once they can see they are getting a deal on hot items such as food, litter, and bedding, they’ll instantly become loyal to your shop!
  • Signage: There’s no way to send a strong message throughout your pet store without remarkable signage. Custom signage made with adorable, heartwarming images of animals is the best way to encourage customer connection that will ultimately drive sales. Pick your images wisely and your signs even more carefully to cultivate the right feeling to your target demographic.
Want to elevate your pet store displays and fixtures, but aren’t sure how to make it all happen? Contact our team of POP experts at shopPOPdisplays for clever ways to promote your pet shop products!


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