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Bike riding is the perfect family-friendly activity. Not only can people of all ages partake in it, but you also get to enjoy beautiful outdoor scenery while also getting plenty of exercise and fresh air. It’s no surprise that bike sales skyrocketed during the pandemic, with sales in the United States expected to reach $78 billion by 2026.

Bicycle shop owners will undoubtedly want to take advantage of this growing market by making their location a go-to place for local cyclists. One surefire way to do this is through the proper use of bike shop signage, bike shop window displays, and additional bike shop display options.

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Slatwall displays are super versatile, allowing bicycle retailers to display a variety of products without ever having to break out a toolbox. Slatwall displays also help save valuable retail floor space needed to showcase different bike models throughout your location. Instead, use slatwall bins to hold parts, accessories, and other small merchandise so customers can easily find what they need. For example, cubes showcase loose goods, while open front bins have deep pockets to hold plenty of items and compartment slatwall bins come in convenient and compact two, three, four and six compartments.

If you’re going to have cycling enthusiast apparel like bike shirts and pants for sale, you’ll want to have display options including our black 4-way garment rack and the spiral clothing display, which can organize and display various clothing items and complementary merchandise. Our 31" high clear acrylic table is also perfect for keeping folded merchandise on display, as well as different sport and cycling footwear like bike shoe styles positioned on shoe risers (with additional sizes kept in the back).

Cyclists also need to shield their eyes from the sun, so a display for sunglasses is a good idea. This sunglass display mounts to the wall and locks for pricier styles, while you can also utilize your slatwall display as needed.

Bike shop signage is a necessity to keep customers in-the-know about special sales and events going on at your bike shop location. Countertop signs can be set up at the cashier and service areas to list prices, advertise upcoming sales and encourage customers to sign up to your email list. And don’t forget about saving space by using your wall for bike shop signage, like our 11 x 17 slide-in poster frame.

Announce special events—such as end of season sales, charity bike rides and more—with a customized banner that can be kept inside the bike shop and also in front of the shop’s front door. The 31.5" w display banner with l frame single sided custom print is lightweight, strong, and durable—making for bike shop signage you can use for years to come.

You can also attract visitors to your bike shop with customized flags positioned outside the location, near the front door and in the shop window. These can easily be disassembled if needed and moved around the store.

Contact us with any questions or for more information on clear and clever custom bike shop displays and signage.

Bike Shop Window Display Tips & Ideas

The easiest way to attract new customers to your bike shop is through effective—and creative—bike shop window displays. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • LED signs can capture everyone’s attention in a bike shop window display. Place details on sales and events inside and hang them throughout your window display.
  • Place showstopping accessories—colorful bike helmets and bike shoes, sunglasses and more—on top of display pedestals. We offer them in a variety of sizes and colors so you can easily switch up your theme. We even have a white acrylic pedestal with color changing led lights so you can add a pop of color to your bike shop window display.
  • Showcase your clothing offerings with our spiral clothing display. Shoe risers can also come in handy, which can be kept on a 31" high clear acrylic table that is easy to break down when you no longer need it in your bike shop window display.
  • A customized banner or flag can add some flair to your bike shop window display, offering up special announcements or simply including store hours and your phone number.
  • Of course, you want to show off the bicycles you have in stock, so saving floor space in your bike shop window display is a necessity. Placing compact slatwall displays in your bike shop window display will do just that as you can easily present or hang complementary items like helmets, gloves, water bottles, safety lights, and more using an array of slatwall items like bins, trays, and hooks.