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Display Cubes & Cube Tables

Display cubes will highlight any artwork or space. With shopPOPdisplays' wide assortment of cube tables and display cubes you will have many options. Cube display boxes can be used as end tables, to showcase large artwork, or display merchandise. Our durable cube pedestals work well as retail display cubes in department stores as well as propping foundations and furniture inside of museums, galleries, hotel lobbies, waiting rooms, window displays, and home décor. Amazingly, small or large, white or black display cubes will provide a sleek modern appearance without the price tag of other more extravagant fixtures.
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Available in black and white finishes, and in small or large sizes, our cube pedestals have a sleek modern look to fit any environment. Choose from two footprints, 18" x 18" or 23" x 23" and two height options, 18" and 23" to fit your living space or artwork.

Acrylic display cubes can also be very effective in retail settings. These risers and cases provide interesting heights to otherwise flat and boring product displays. Many of our retail display cubes come in sets of multiple size risers to make creating the perfect arrangement even easier!

There are many creative ways that cube tables and white and black display cubes can be used. Create table groupings using one or more pedestal bases to add texture and height, accentuate a graceful, flowing plant or floral arrangement, cluster a large or small displa

If you can't find products to meet your needs, please contact us for custom options. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low minimum quantity, ideal for businesses looking to add branding or anyone looking for a designer touch.

Use Cases

End tables: Offering a modern aesthetic, display cubes can be utilized as end tables in any environment. Bold and sleek, they seamlessly sit adjacent to any sofa, chair, or ottoman for functional convenience.

Display merchandise: A wonderful surface for supporting and promoting products, versatile display cubes can be used in various retail spaces to showcase merchandise and offer a contemporary feel to décor.

Display large artwork: Durable and strong, display cubes are an excellent way to highlight oversized artwork such as statues, ceramics, and even large, framed photographs.

Arrangements in waiting rooms: Available in an array of sizes, display cubes can be used to adorn waiting rooms when displaying knick-knacks, floral arrangements, and other decorative accessories to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests and visitors.

Window displays: Modular by design, display cubes are a wonderful platform to create captivating window displays. Simply place mannequins or merchandise atop display cubes to create an enticing visual display and watch the crowds begin to swarm your shop.

Home décor: Multifunctional in use and design, display cubes can be used as furniture in your home. They are a perfect end table and can be placed in any room space to add a contemporary, clutter-free minimalist look.

Propping foundations: Easy to stack and mount upon, display cubes are ideal propping foundations for collectibles, floral arrangements, ceramics, sculptures, artwork, and so much more.


Retail. Display cubes have a dynamic design, which is exactly why they make for a great visual merchandising tool. Use them as propping foundations for key merchandise during promotional sales. They can serve as a great platform to stack sweaters or a wonderful podium for smaller appliances.

Department stores. Just as useful as display cubes can be in small retail settings, they can be just as instrumental when setting up department store displays. Consider using display cubes as an ideal platform for mannequins sporting the latest seasonal trends.

Museums. Whether showcasing a large sculpture or exhibit literature holders, display cubes can either be a platform in museum environments.

Galleries. Showcase art with a little elevation. A display cube is the perfect podium for any piece. Present sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and drawings all on this modern looking stand.

Hotel lobbies. To create an impressive ambiance, hotel lobbies often like to offer a sleek contemporary look to their settings. Display cubes are multipurpose display tools as they can be used as a place to rest bags while waiting to be checked in.

Trade show booths. A wonderful platform for any trade show exhibit, display cubes act as a perfect foundation for products being promoted within the company booth. Black or white, these display cubes capture the attention of the audience.

Convention center/expo halls. Impress with a captivating display at your next convention, use contemporary display cubes to call attention to promotional products, service information, and business literature and swag.

Automotive. Display cubes can be strategically set around a car dealership, and service centers as additional places to display brochures, warranties, or provide a surface to fill out paperwork, or even offer a coloring book or resting place for antsy children tagging along with parents.