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Sneeze Guards - Social Distancing Barriers & Shields

Help maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays with our clear plastic barriers. Plexiglass sneeze guards, splash guards, cashier shields and other clear partitions are more important than ever. Shop our selection of stock acrylic shields. Or contact us for custom sizes or custom designs. We custom manufacture in the United States with quick turn-around time for small and large quantities.

Let us manufacture custom plexiglass shields in nearly any size or shape with any options you may need such as access holes or mounting options.

We are not accepting returns at this time.

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Products are intended for commercial and industrial use.

What is social distancing?

Social distancing is a method of avoiding illness by keeping physical space between people. The recommendation is for individuals to be at least six feet apart.

What is a splash guard?

A splash guard is a barrier device used to keep fluids in one area, minimizing cross-contamination into another. Splash guards are typically made from acrylic and come in a variety of sizes.

What is a sneeze guard or sneezeguard?

A sneeze guard or shield is a physical barrier that is used to protect products and maintain cleanliness in workspaces and public spaces. Plexiglass is a popular choice due to its toughness and optical clarity.

What are the shipping times for your sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers?

All sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers are in stock and ready to ship. Orders leave our New Jersey warehouse in 1 to 2 business days. Delivery time is dependent on the carrier and destination.

Where are your sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers manufactured?

All of our sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers are made in the USA and manufactured in-house at our New Jersey facility.

What material are used for your sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers?

shopPOPdisplays.com uses high-quality acrylic plexiglass for sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers. Acrylic is half the weight of glass but 10 times more impact-resistant, making it ideal for this application.

Can you make sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers in custom sizes?

shopPOPdisplays.com can manufacture sneeze guards, plexiglass shields, and retail barriers in custom sizes. Our in-house manufacturing allows for a variety of options such as mounting features and custom printing. Please contact us for more information.

Can you accommodate large orders and rollouts?

shopPOPdisplays.com can accommodate any size order. We have extensive experience handling large orders and multi-store rollouts.

What type of barriers should I use for my countertop, desktop or tabletop?

Portable Clear Acrylic U Shape Barrier Shield

Our Portable Clear Acrylic U Shape Barrier Shields are ideal for countertops and desktops. It is available in three heights; 28", 35.5", and 47.5" as well as a variety of different widths. The 35.5" and 47.5" tall Portable Clear Acrylic U Shape Barrier Shields feature side brackets that are attached using flexible living hinges. The angle of the brackets can be adjusted to offer more coverage options.

For standard barrier shield models, the gap size can be adjusted to provide a 6" opening by moving the main panel. For barrier shields with the access hole option, the access hole measures 4" high by 10" wide opening, allowing for easy exchange of payment and goods.

Countertop Clear Acrylic L Shape Shield Barriers

Our Countertop Clear Acrylic L Shape Shield Barriers are great for maintaining the cleanliness of your desk and providing physical separation. It features a freestanding desktop design that does not require permanent installation and allows for easy repositioning. You can position two shields together to form a U-shape barrier increasing coverage area. We offer our Countertop Clear Acrylic L Shape Shield Barriers in 18" and 29.5" heights.

Countertop Clear Acrylic Splash Shield Sneeze Guards

Our Countertop Clear Acrylic Splash Shield Sneeze Guards are designed to help shield and protect from spray and splashes. The 25" height is ideal for desktops and workstation countertops. It is available in 11.75", 23.75" and 35.75" widths. The larger size Splash Shield Sneeze Guard can also be used to maintain the cleanliness of your desk.

What type of guard should I use for my store checkout or retail POS register?

Our Screw Mount Clear Acrylic Cashier Checkout Shield Barriers are designed to be screwed into a store checkout lane, POS register area, or customer service counter. It creates a physical barrier and helps maintain social distance. The 35.5" height works perfectly with standard countertop heights. It is available in multiple widths to provide optimal coverage in your high traffic areas. There is an access hole option, measuring 14"H x 10"W, ideal for processing payments and transactions. All corners are radius for safety as well as a finished look.

What type of shield can be hung from the ceiling?

Our Ceiling Hanging Sneeze Guard Shields are ideal for cashiers, registers, help desks, and counter areas. Available in two sizes, 31.5" x 29.5" for smaller counters and 31.5" x 47.5" for larger countertops. The larger version can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit your space. Our hanging shields are designed with radiused corners for safety and can be hung from a grid ceiling with the included hardware.

What are table dividers?

Our Clear Acrylic 4 Way Table Dividers are a great way to partition a table into 4 or more isolated seating areas. Clear acrylic construction allows for face-to-face interaction while maintaining physical separation. Multiple table dividers can be connected to create different configurations for larger conference tables.

What is a floor standing barrier or shield?

Our Floor Standing Clear Plastic Sneeze Guard Shields are used to a physical barrier between customers and workers. It is floor standing and does not need to be permanently mounted. Position the floor standing barrier in high traffic areas to help maintain social distance. Choose from 3 widths: 24.7, 36.7, 48.7 inches to suit your application.