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After living through a pandemic, everyone could use a good laugh. In 2022, there are 501 comedy clubs in the United States, with New York, California and Texas being the states with the most locations in the country. While the industry took a hit due to Covid—and the rise in virtual events—revenue is projected to grow at a slightly faster rate over the next five years as people are more inclined to attend and spend money on live shows.

If you operate a comedy club—or are thinking of opening a location—you'll want to make sure the space is inviting for attendees yet at the same time remain on budget. With that in mind, you'll need simple quality comedy club displays to keep everything well-organized and pleasing to the eye.

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When putting together a comedy venue, signage is the first thing that comes to mind. Flags and banners outside the comedy club can attract people walking or driving by. They are easily customized to promote special acts and events. Inside, LED light boxes hung around the comedy club can also spotlight upcoming shows and entertainment events.

Once inside, you'll need signage to guide guests to different areas of the comedy club, including ticket booths, bathrooms, the bar, and seating area. Floor standing poster stands, wall-mounted signage and countertop signage are all stellar comedy club display options.

Literature holders can be placed at the bar area or on tables to hold menus and drink specials. Ballot boxes can be used to collect drink tickets.

Of course, you don't want to forget about comedy club displays on the stage area. Pedestals are needed so performers have a place to put items like beverages, notes, props, etc. during their show.

Luckily, shopPOPdisplays has all you need and more to create effective comedy club displays. Contact us with any questions or for more information.

Comedy Club Use Cases


The most important comedy club display is strategically placed signage to promote events. Our single sided custom print 15' teardrop flag can be customized to fit any of your business needs, including promoting special events and shows. Place it right outside the front entrance to catch people's eye.

The ticket booth area is usually at the entrance—and another terrific location for promoting upcoming events. Our 18 x 24 snap frame led light box can do just that, as well as display ticket prices, drink minimums, group rates and more.

An acrylic floor standing poster stand set up near the entrance can also spotlight events, display prices and direct people where to move on to after buying their tickets.


People might want to grab a drink before they find their seat, so you'll need comedy club displays to support that activity. Our plastic 3 tier convertible pamphlet holder can hold food and drink menus for guests to look at while they wait to place their orders.

Countertop signs—like our 5x7 top loading plastic sign holder—can also display items for order and prices on the bar.

If you're having an event that hands out drink tickets, having an acrylic ballot box is a handy comedy club display to keep bars organized and chaos free.

Seating Area

Place drink and food specials directly on tables with our 4x6 top loading economy plastic sign holder.

Space-saving comedy club displays come in handy. Hold on to valuable table space by putting menu info – as well as upcoming show dates – on black counter mat with insert.

Keep condiments and the like organized with our 4 slot acrylic cylinder organizer.


An acrylic display pedestal is the perfect comedy club display for the stage area, giving performers a place to rest their drink or any notes and props close by. At shopPOPdisplays, display pedestals are our specialty, we even have them in an array of colors – including florescent pink, blue and green. Make a statement or just stand out with customized options as well.


Comedy club displays will need to include signage for outside of the restrooms, such as our wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder.

Precaution is always appropriate and appreciated as patron may still be health-safety conscious, installing clear acrylic sink splash guard partitions at the sinks instills a layer of comfort which may set your comedy club apart from the competition. These plastic or acrylic barrier easily attach to your existing wall or mirror using the Velcro-type fastener strips or install hardware for more permanent shields.

Conveniently keep toiletries, mints, and other essentials in an acrylic 4 compartment dump bin.