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Amusement parks are great fun for kids and adults alike, so it’s no surprise that the global amusement parks market size is expected to grow from $42.68 billion in 2021 to $70.06 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64.1 percent. By 2026, it is expected to reach $153.48 billion at a CAGR of 21.7 percent.

While most people think of the big names when it comes to amusement parks – Disney, Universal, Six Flags, etc. – there are plenty of smaller locations, carnivals, festivals, and fairs, and more equipped with rides, games, concession stands, etc. peppered throughout the United States all in need of amusement park signs and displays as well as carnival supplies. Regardless of size and scope of your amusement park, theme park, carnival, or fairground, shopPOPdisplays has stock and custom amusement park displays, amusement park signs, and carnival supplies to run a successful business. We carry everything from customizable banners and flags, portable displays, signage, food display cases to literature holders for sponsors and event schedules.

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Amusement Park and Carnival Display Tips & Ideas

One way to make your park a place people want to visit repeatedly is with the effective use of amusement park displays whether permanent or portable and amusement park signage whether stock or custom, and stocked carnival supplies that will have customers coming back for more. Not sure how to get started? Here, ideas for inspiration.

Pamphlet and Brochure Holders - Amusement Park displays should help keep visitors “in the know” about everything that’s happening at the venue. Maps and brochures containing information on special events, including birthday parties, field trips, or company retreats, can be kept organized with an 8-pocket wood brochure holder with Acrylic Holder in medium oak and mahogany.

Banners - Showcase special events by setting up amusement park displays with customized banners that can be positioned at different areas. For example, our double sided custom print retractable display banner with half-moon stand can make anything you want to showcase stand out.

Flags - Create one-of-a-kind amusement park displays—and keep visitors moving—with flags that can guide them throughout various areas of the park. Each one can be customized with colors, logos, and wording to fit all your signage needs.

Portable Displays - With so many visitors and events going on, flexibility is key. Portable amusement park displays are sturdy enough to serve a variety of uses, but flexible enough to be moved around to different areas with ease. ShopPOPdisplays even has a variety of knockdown or collapsible options that can be disassembled and kept in storage when they’re no longer needed to hold carnival supplies.

Signage - From restrooms and first aid to concession areas and ticket sales, visitors don’t want to be wandering around aimlessly. That’s what amusement park signs are so important. The chrome metal display stand with two tiers, along with our assortment wall mounted sign holders, can hold marketing materials, promotions, directions and more, while also freeing up counter space.
ShopPOPdisplays also has countertop signs that are perfect for food concessions and ticket sale areas.

Food Displays - You want people to spend the entire day at the amusement park, so serving a variety of food and drink is essential in keeping them happy. Luckily, there are plenty of amusement park display options for both. Cookies and doughnuts can be kept in acrylic slant front 3 tray pastry display, while cupcakes can be placed on our clear 4 tier round cupcake display or our acrylic cupcake stand with 4 configurable tiers and cake pops will look yummy in the clear acrylic round tiered cake pop stand. And the 8-hole ice cream cone stand can help keep multiple orders organized.

Dry goods can be safely stored in the cedar barrel with food safe liner, which comes in numerous colors. Chips will fit perfectly in the round shelf wire rack.

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat—especially after a day of enjoying amusement park rides? The acrylic 10" stacking candy bin will keep everything fresh and comes with a storage pocket so the scoop is always nearby.