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Whether you are a wedding venue looking for the perfect display pieces for your space or planning your own DIY wedding, shopPOPdisplays has a wide selection of wedding supplies, décor, and decorations you need to make your event extra memorable. We carry an assortment of place card holders, sign holders, chalkboard signs, centerpiece fixtures, photo booth backdrops, and so much more. Not only do we offer a variety of wedding supplies and decorations, but we also offer custom printed or engraved invitations, seating charts, and place cards. For more information on custom options contact our team.
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What are some decorating ideas for weddings?

When it comes to making a wedding memorable, there are endless ways to make your big day stand apart from the rest. Decorating your event space plays a major role in the theme and overall feeling of your wedding. Some ways to make your wedding personal to you and your tastes include using creative signage, hanging flowers, setting up a wedding photo booth, greenery, or lighting from the ceiling, displaying family photos in picture frames or blocks, using pieces of nature like birch or flowers as romantic accents, and creating mood lighting with tealights inside of mason jars. There are endless ways to make your day specific to taste. Read more about how you can cleverly decorate your wedding.

How can I use acrylic mirrors at my wedding?

Acrylic mirrors are very versatile and popular for wedding receptions because they offer the illusion of more space inside of a wedding venue. They are also wonderful creative accents and beautifully reflect light. They are best used underneath table centerpieces or as a backdrop to creative signage. Acrylic mirrors can easily be written on with a paint pen, laser engraved, or printed with decals. Shatter resistant, and they are perfect for high-traffic environments like wedding venues.

What are some tips for setting up the dessert table?

Every elegant wedding is sure to have one thing in common... a dessert table. Regardless of theme or color scheme, dessert is an essential part of your big day. Accompanied by the traditional wedding cake are usually smaller baked goods for guests to enjoy and should be made by design to match the occasion's theme. It's also essential to allow each dessert to stand out on its own, which is why adding height and using specialty dessert serving displays adds interest and creates a special place for each dessert. You will also keep your guests' eyes moving over the table if you use varying levels of height to add symmetry and height to your food display. Keep in mind you should also have a clear focal point for your table with a cohesive backdrop and decorative labels that help your guests navigate the beautiful spread.

What are some tips if I am planning a wedding on a budget?

It can be tricky to try to keep wedding costs down when you are on a rigid budget. However, there are a lot of ways you can keep your expenses low if you apply some basic DIY strategies. First, prioritize what is non-negotiable in your big day and what your budget is. If you have a big family, you could consider skipping the open bar. If location is important to you and your fiance, but flowers are less of a priority, consider focusing your budget on the venue. Additionally, you can make the invitations or do catering yourself. At the event, remember to reuse your displays and decorations to maximize value. Having a wedding in the off-season can also get you a good deal on wedding venues. Weddings can be expensive, but with the right preparation, you can have your magical day without breaking the bank.

Should you display photos at a wedding?

Yes! Photos are a great way to show your guests your relationship story. Photos are an easy and affordable decor option for all wedding events. Display photos using sign holders and picture frames or use twine and mini clothespins to create a statement wall.