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Whether it’s rooting on a favorite team, watching a favorite performer on stage, or enjoying a night out bowling with friends, sports event venues like arenas and stadiums are a popular place for people to unwind and have some fun. While the pandemic interfered with those good times, people are ready to get back to in-person events. In fact, recent data shows that of those respondents who said they attended at least one sporting event one year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 68 percent are comfortable returning to these venues again.

For those who own or manage these venues, choosing the right displays is a crucial part in boosting sales, staying organized and keeping your entire operation running smoothly. Luckily, shopPOPdisplays has a variety of sports venue signage options, as well as other types of displays that can make your location a place people want to visit repeatedly. Contact us for all your sports venue signage needs. Customization is our specialty!

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Sports and Events Venue Display Options

shopPOPdisplays has a variety of display and signage options for every sports venue, arena, and stadium. Here are several sports venue signage ideas.

  • Booster/Promotion Tables - Sponsors and vendors can showcase their logo on a custom printed table cover. A retractable banner also help catch people’s eye, ensuring that they stop by on the way to their seats. Both can be customized to fit your business needs, making them a stellar choice for your sports arena signage.
  • Stadium Entryways - Step up your stadium signage with flags in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Alternately, opt for a banner that easily affixes to a tabletop or frame stand.
  • Ticket Counter - Keep ticket lines moving well via well-placed arena signage. A chrome poster stand can help point guests in the right direction, while the 18 x 24 snap frame LED light box allows you to efficiently utilize wall space. Portable floor standing barriers are a convenient way to keep people from crowding one another—and can easily be moved when needed—while sneeze guards with pass through opening keeps employees safe while allowing them to collect money and hand over tickets.
  • Concession Stand - Offer snacks from a customized pop-up counter that can be set up all around the venue. Countertop signs help highlight and promote items and list sale prices.
  • Locker Rooms - The last thing you want is to have visitors wandering into locker rooms, which is why you need plenty of sports venue signage, such as wall signs, floor standing posters and a retractable display banner with stand to clearly mark restricted areas.
  • Team Sidelines or Benches - Whether it’s teardrop, rectangular, or feather, flags are perfect to flank the sidelines or benches at the sports arena.
  • Scorekeepers’, Announcers’, or Judges’ Table - This is an ideal area for signage or a custom printed table cover.

  • Where Our Products Are Used:

    Major League Ballparks/Football Stadiums

    Little League/High School/College Fields & Stadiums

    Sports Hall of Fame Venues

    • Sports venue signage to describe various exhibits, displays and memorabilia.
    • Display cases to house coveted memorabilia while keeping them safe.
    • Pedestals to showcase select items and featured display cases.


    Ice Houses or Ice Rinks

    • Venue or arena signage to direct people to rent skates and to the rink.
    • Custom signage to warn people about slippery or wet conditions.

    Bowling Alleys

    Equestrian Centers

    • Signage to direct visitors around the center.
    • Custom signage for directions on how to handle horses/which areas to avoid.
    • Pamphlet and brochure holders to promote lessons and special events.
    • Sanitizer holder so people can clean hands during events or after handling horses.

    Athletic/Aquatic Centers

    • Custom signage flags to delineate high and low diving boards or tracks and spectator sections at meets or competitions.
    • Signage to caution about wet floors or crossing tracks.
    • Literature holders to promote lessons and special events.