Acrylic Column Risers

Looking a product that will truly accentuate the beauty of your jewelry or other small items? Then our acrylic column display risers are exactly what you need. These risers are cut from solid acrylic blocks that have a smooth, glass-like look to them. The round acrylic column stands provide a simple elegance that elevate your fine jewelry, knick-knacks, collectibles, and other special items, making them hard to miss. Add the finishing touches to your jewelry display cases or shelves with our exquisite acrylic solid column risers.

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When displaying jewelry, it’s important to have a display that helps promotes your wares, but not to draw attention away from them. Our acrylic column display risers satisfy both of these needs exceptionally well. Cut from solid acrylic rods, depending on sizes, these strong items are polished smooth until they’re indistinguishable from glass. It’s this appearance that will help to give your jewelry display more changes in eye-level and more focus on pieces you wish to highlight.
The clear acrylic that comprises our column stands helps to reflect the beauty of your jewelry. When light is properly shined, a drab display suddenly becomes a brilliant showcase with all of the different colors or your products vibrantly slashing through the acrylic columns. If you want to make a breathtaking display, our acrylic solid column risers will help to satisfy those needs.