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Acrylic Display Stands

Clear, acrylic, or plexiglass, display stands allow customers to see an entire product without any visual barriers or distractions due to their high transparency. Plexiglass is a superior material for displaying products, especially if they are beautifully packaged, and you want customers to see the entire package design. Opaque, black displays block visibility, and squander the effort that product designers have invested in creating enticing and attractive packaging. Clear acrylic is the way to go, and is highly versatile, durable, easy to maintain and can be reused again and again.
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Eye-Catching Visual Merchandising With High-Quality Acrylic Displays

Using the right product displays is critical for effective visual merchandising. With enticing product displays, your store can improve its customer experience and ultimately become more competitive in the retail marketplace.

shopPOPdisplays offers a wide range of durable, high-quality, acrylic displays to help you create stunning visual merchandising, grab attention and boost sales. In addition, we offer acrylic care and cleaning products that will ensure they look as good on Day 101 as they did on Day 1. Just have a look at the breadth of acrylic display stands we have in our catalogue and if you don’t see exactly what you need, our experienced craftsmen will create high-quality custom designs in just about any shape and size that you can imagine.

A highly effective visual merchandising tactic is to use acrylic displays that are based on a theme or that are unique to your brand, outlet or section of your store. Also, it is common to mix up the use of a combination of different display types to catch the eyes of shoppers. Products like acrylic pedestal risers and acrylic shelf risers can create visual interest by arranging products at different heights, while drawing attention to key merchandise.

Clear, acrylic material is highly customizable and can entice with creative displays that align with your brand. For example, cosmetics and make-up product displays are great for organization, as well as for showing off the detailed and attractive packaging. Transparent acrylic material is great for making your displays look much more deliberate, and can be customized to fit your unique products, allowing the cosmetics to be neatly slotted inside the displays.

If people are allowed to sample products, your product displays are bound to get messy, and which if left unattended, could devalue all of your products. Make sure that your displays are easy to clean, and that store employees understand how to clean your product displays. This is another important reason that acrylic is very popular for product displays. Acrylic, while durable, is relatively low-maintenance and very easy to clean.

Another important visual merchandising technique that is instrumental to increasing conversions is the use of signage to highlight key product features, special promotions, ratings or product reviews. Sign displays in acrylic are ideal for getting customers’ attention at eye level, for example, with floor-standing sign holders. These can easily be placed next to product displays, especially for small items, and their light-weight versatility makes them highly mobile, giving retailers the freedom and flexibility to position them anywhere throughout a store.

Using acrylic displays effectively will help customers to browse your product comfortably, and eliminate the tendency to overwhelm with disorganized, cluttered counter tops. Focus on displaying one or two items per plexiglass display, like acrylic boxes and cases, which are some of the best displays for small items that do not need to be secured. Other options include trays and risers which will help in organizing products while decluttering your floor and counter spaces.