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Top Loading Sign Holders

Looking for a tried and true display piece classic? At shopPOPdisplays, our endless collection of tabletop sign holders also includes our Top Loading Sign Holder series. Listed at the lowest prices, our stand up sign holders are durable in construction and diverse in styles. Browse through our large selection of counter top sign holder products below. Additionally, we have three different levels of sign holder - Premium Break-Resistant, Acrylic, and Economy Plastic - each with their own benefits. Don’t forget to contact us about custom orders!

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Tabletop sign holders have been a staple in the display industry for decades and we have the variety in selection you need. Ranging in a multitude of different sizes, orientations, and material, our stand up sign holders will deliver on any display task you throw at them.

Sometimes referred to as a "open top sign holder", the countertop sign holder follows industry standards design in that it has that classic “t-shaped sign holder” look - the difference with top loading sign holders? It may come as a surprise to some, but the top loading part means that the two halves of the countertop sign holder separate to allow insertion of graphics, advertising material, or any other flat imagery you need to showcase.

Because of the clear plastic look, use of double sided advertising materials is highly encouraged, doubling the advertising output of your countertop sign holders or desktop sign holders. We offer three different material types as well, each with their own price level - Premium Break-Resistant, our reliable Acrylic line, and Economy Plastic. Each have their own benefits, talk to us today to find out which would work best for you!