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Farmer's Market Displays

Setting up your market display stand to sell your fresh produce directly to consumers is a fantastic way to make a higher profit margin. It is also a great boost for communities, and brings people together to browse products ranging from food grown locally, to specialty foods and crafts made by local artisans. Today, farmers markets are extremely popular with US consumers, who spend $1.1 bn annually at tens of thousands of farmers market stands across the country. If you are a local producer, keep in mind that standing out at a farmers market with your products requires making a great first impression!

At shopPOPdisplays, we have what you need to do just that—our attractive farmers market supplies and market display stands will keep your produce, food products and crafts clean and organized. In addition, our fully customizable accessories will help to advertise your brand, and inspire impulse buying and repeat purchases.
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Tips To Drive Traffic To Your Market Display Stand

The best way to drive the most traffic to your farmers market stand is to focus on displaying your product offering in the most attractive way possible. For food items, use wooden baskets, barrels, crates, carts or food-safe, acrylic displays. Use a mix of the same to offer homemade cosmetics like soaps and balms, or freshly baked bread, jams, and even beer!

Before you begin, make sure you have the right farmers market supplies and market stands to ensure your product offerings get noticed by shoppers in a bustling venue. Here are some recommended farmers market supplies to consider:

  • Wood Barrels with food-safe liners - Cedar barrels make great farmers market display stands! They can be used to display all kinds of food from loose nuts, dried fruit, sweets, coffee beans, fresh produce, and even freeze-dried milk for that farm-to-table feeling! All you need is this wooden barrel with a food-safe liner to protect your products, and then let the barrel do the selling for you. You could even add ice and use it as a cooler for canned or bottled beverages. Barrel displays are sure to draw attention and increase your sales. They offer a vintage, repurposed impression which can add a distinguished touch to your farmers market stand, and help your customers feel right at home. Wooden barrels also come in different colors, and you can mix and match the styles to make your market display stand out in a crowd.
  • Wooden Display Carts - Market stands that place your products within a site range that is close to eye and waist-level make it much easier for customers to see, touch and notice your products. These wooden cart displays do just that, and can really draw the crowds. They provide an all-encompassing display for a variety of different products, and come with design features including an angled, open roof, or a chalkboard sign at top. Their inherently rustic, countryside feel make them right at home in a farmers market. You could use the entire space to fill with produce, or create a multileveled display on your cart with acrylic risers to get the maximum amount of space on your cart, and create visual interest by grouping products into a pyramid with the most attention-grabbing product on top.
  • Chalkboard Signs - In keeping with the back-to-basics vibe of a country market, these signs are indispensable to add a rustic, authentic touch, while also serving to advertise your products, display pricing, and promote special offers too. They are versatile, come in a variety of sizes and can be used anywhere.
  • Wooden Baskets - Looking for a quaint feeling to soften the look of a display stand? Wooden baskets can hold everything from towels to muffins without issue. Use them singly, or consider a floor-standing, tiered basket display for added visual appeal. This can bring your products up to eye and waist-level, giving you even more space to showcase a mix of different products.
  • Wooden Crates - The most versatile farmers market supplies of them all—great on their own for that fresh from the farm feeling, or grouped together in a tiered collection, and even as building blocks for a larger display. These wooden crates come in a variety of colors so you can easily add a pop to your visual display, and they are sturdy and durable enough to hold products coming in a range of different sizes and weights.
  • Wooden Barrels - Create perfect showcases for your artisanal products on these wooden barrels, with a rustic vibe that will mix well with any of the above-mentioned farmers market supplies.

At shopPOPdisplays we provide the widest range of displays for farmers market vendors. Whether you’re displaying fresh produce from your farm, or handmade crafts from your home, we have a number of eye-catching displays. From signage to carts to tabletop risers and shelves, our supply of high-quality acrylic and wooden products are always competitively priced. If you have specific requirements, we are always ready to provide custom-sized or custom-printed products, so contact us today.