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Trophy Display Cases

Trophies symbolize the victorious glory of our individual life achievements, and seeing them reminds us of those timeless moments of accomplishment. Therefore, it is so important to protect them, so that they can last for a long time and continue to be appreciated for years. Acrylic cases are the best choice to allow for optimal viewing, and are also great for displaying sports memorabilia, antiques, fine china and any rare items—whatever you’re passionate about collecting. After all, how you showcase your precious collection is often just as important as the items themselves. Trophies and collectibles just look better in special displays, so choose the best—high-quality shopPOPdisplays!

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Subcategories in Trophy Display Cases


Benefits of Trophy Display Cases

Keeping your prized trophies safe and pristine in display cases from shopPOPdisplays provides you with several important benefits, such as:

  • Our single, trophy cases are not only made of durable and safe, non-shatter plexiglass, but also highly attractive. They are great interior décor furnishings for home, office and retail/commercial establishments. When individual trophies are arranged properly in their display cases, they look amazing in your living room, and provide a good-looking conversation piece when guests visit your home or office.
  • Trophy display cases protect the trophies from dust and damage.
  • Using a trophy display case is the best way of displaying your valuable collections in the most professional way.

Types of Trophy Display Cases

Trophies come in all different sizes and shapes, and so logically, you need customizable options when it comes to trophy display cases, to show off your accomplishments and collections in the best possible light. Let’s take a look at some of the most common trophy display case types:

  • Floor-Standing Trophy Case - These single, displays stand on the floor like a tower, and measure nearly 2 meters in height. The slender profile conveys luxury combined with elegant use of wood and glass in every finished element. A polished cove molding finishes the top and bottom with understated richness. These premium trophy display cases are durable and crafted to last, featuring built-in locks and tempered glass in the hinged doors to ensure a secure display. The best come with built-in lighting to ensure your trophies sparkle.
  • Sliding Door Display Case - Floor standing with fixed-position, and featuring glass shelves supported by a steel subframe for structural integrity. These beautiful trophy display cases are between 1 to 2 meters in height. They combine stunning, visually arresting presentation with sturdiness. An elegant, sliding glass door provides edge-to-edge glass for 270 degrees of continuous viewing, allowing trophies, awards, or collectibles to be the star of the show.
  • Wall-mounted Case - These trophy display cases are attached to the wall, and easily installed by sliding the case over a beveled wooden bracket for a secure fit. A highly versatile option, these display cases feature an acrylic display cover that sits on top of a white matte step-up for extra security. They are designed to support up to 30 pounds, and are elegant against any backdrop.
  • Pedestal Display Showcase - These single, trophy display cases consist of a sturdy base, often coming in a variety of choice finishes, like laminate, wood or acrylic. Trophies are supported on top of the base and safeguarded from dust, debris and wandering hands by a shatter-proof, plexiglass cover. Well-made and easy to clean, pedestal showcases are eye-catching and available in multiple heights and footprints, and can be easily customized with printing and engraving as per your unique requirements.

shopPOPdisplays provides a wide selection of high-quality, acrylic trophy display cases for your home, office or business establishment offering amazing ways to share your priceless trophies with others. At shopPOPdisplays, we take great pride in creating our perfect trophy display cases in a wide variety of options to make your prize collections shine. Sometimes, you may have specific needs on what kind of trophy case will best suit your collection and space requirements, and we are ready to create custom trophy cases too. If you need assistance, contact the professional, display case designers at shopPOPdisplays for help!